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The first health Yokohama 21 (2007-2012)

Last update date April 1, 2019

Healthy Yokohama 21 promotion meeting

We contact with common recognition mutually, and area, school, the workplace, company, the mass media about health, volunteer group, voluntary groups such as NPO, health health professional and the government cooperate, and healthy Yokohama 21 promotion meeting is meeting where it was installed in to push forward citizen's health promotion smoothly.

ArrowAbout 25, Heisei - 2022, please see the second health Yokohama 21 promotion meeting.

Healthy Yokohama 21 promotion meeting committee member list (the H24 year) ※The order of the kana syllabary, honorific title abbreviation
 Full nameJob title
ChairpersonTakashi ShiraiYokohama-shi Medical Association permanent post director
Vice-chairpersonShoji SaitoAssociation of Yokohama-shi food hygiene's vice-chairperson
Committee memberMikako ArakidaInternational University of Health and Welfare health medical care department's professor
Committee memberKoichi IshiwataKanagawa industrial health promotion center's director
Committee memberYuji IwataAssociation of Kanagawa National Health Insurance group society planning and coordination section manager
Committee memberTakayuki KataokaKanagawa newspaper publisher's manager of General Affairs Department
Committee memberShigeo KatayoseThe Yokohama south the Labor Standards Inspection Office head
Committee memberHiroshi KawanoAssociation of chain store (manager of Sotetsu Rosen general affairs personnel department)
Committee memberAkemi KoyamaJA Yokohama life culture manager
Committee memberAtsuro ShimadaTV Division Director Kanagawa
Committee memberNorihiro SugiyamaAssociation of Yokohama-shi physical education's managing director director area sports, facility management chief of the bureau
Committee memberHigh temple plusYokohama-shi pharmacist society's vice-chairperson
Committee memberKenji NakamuraSecretary General of association of health insurance union society Kanagawa alliance society
Committee memberchusan*roKanagawa meeting chairperson who promotes non-smoking, separation of smoking areas activity
Committee memberYukio NemotoMember of Yokohama-shi health practice promotion society's chairperson
Committee memberKazuki Hasegawa childKanagawa dietician society local action dietician meeting chairperson
Committee memberYoneko HamamiAs for the Yokohama-shi eating habits, it is member of improvement promotion meeting chairperson
Committee memberTakashi HorimotoDirector Managing Director Yokohama-shi dental association
Committee memberNoboru YoshiharaThe association of national employee health insurance Kanagawa Branch plan manager of General Affairs Department
Committee member
Naoyuki OkamotoKanagawa Prefectural cancer center clinical research institute cancer prevention, information department's manager
Committee member
Mochida stillMember of association of Yokohama-shi physical education health promotion business section medical department studies

■The minutes material

The 2012 second (December 18, 2012 holding)
 The minutes (PDF: 252KB)
 As soon as hold a meeting; materials (material 1 - material 2-1) (PDF: 267KB)
 Materials (material 2-2: main story of plan Chapter 1) (PDF: 194KB)
 Materials (material 2-2: main story of plan Chapter 2) (PDF: 1,033KB)
 Materials (material 2-2: the main story of plan third ... five chapters, reference materials) (PDF: 752KB)

The 2012 first (August 28, 2012 holding)
 The minutes (PDF: 208KB)
 As soon as hold a meeting; materials (material 1-6) (PDF: 1,186KB)

The 2011 second (March 13, 2012 holding)
The minutes (PDF: 226KB)
As soon as hold a meeting; materials (material 1-5) (PDF: 483KB)

The 2011 first (July 26, 2011 holding)
The minutes (PDF: 207KB)
As soon as hold a meeting; materials (material 1-5) (PDF: 441KB)

The 2010 second (March 9, 2011 holding)
The minutes (PDF: 135KB)
As soon as hold a meeting; materials (material 1-5) (PDF: 98KB)

The 2010 first (July 14, 2010 holding)
The minutes (PDF: 27KB)
As soon as hold a meeting; materials (material 1-5) (PDF: 292KB)

The 2009 second (March 16, 2010 holding)
The minutes (PDF: 45KB)
As soon as hold a meeting; materials (material 1-5) (PDF: 1,385KB)

The 2009 first (August 26, 2009 holding)
The minutes (PDF: 190KB)
As soon as hold a meeting; materials (material 1-6) (PDF: 2,197KB)
Material 7 (PDF: 109KB)
Material 8 (PDF: 227KB)

The 2008 second (March 16, 2009 holding)
The minutes (PDF: 172KB)
jidai, meeting materials (material 1 - material 3) (PDF: 2,834KB)
Meeting materials (material 4 - material 9) (PDF: 4,657KB)

The 2008 first (July 17, 2008 holding)
The minutes (PDF: 171KB)
Meeting materials (material 1 - material 3) (PDF: 841KB)
Meeting materials (material 4 - material 9) (PDF: 3,355KB)

The third (March 25, 2008 holding) (PDF: 3,141KB)
The second (November 29, 2007 holding) (PDF: 1,711KB)
The first (September 5, 2007 holding) (PDF: 3,262KB)

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