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Premature infant nurture medical care benefits system

Last update date September 18, 2020

With premature infant nurture medical care benefits system

It is system that public expenditure does medical expenses for baby/infant (0 years old child) needing admission nurture because we were born with physical growth being unripe by the low weight or premature birth (under gestational ages week number 37 weeks).
But it is with designated nurture medical institution and cannot get system of cousin.
We can confirm designated nurture medical institution in Yokohama-shi by the following lists.
When you are admitted to medical institution out of Yokohama-shi, please confirm in medical institution or the local government of the medical institution location.

Target person

For premature infant (note 1) having Address in Yokohama-shi, we correspond to either of 1 or 2 next, and it is necessary to be admitted to designated nurture medical institution, and to receive nurture
Baby/infant (0 years old child) ※It is limited to case which we are never discharged from from birth.
(note 1) With "premature infant"… Thing before coming to get functions that it is baby/infant which was born with physical growth being unripe, and normalcy child has at birth
    Say. Child that admission is not premature infant in neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) even if necessary is object of nurture medical care benefits by disease and obstacle
    It does not become in this.

1.Birth weights are 2,000 grams or less
2.We have the next symptom due to physical unripe gender
(1) General state
    ①There are convulsions (convulsions) worried about exercise
    ②There is abnormally little exercise
(2) Temperature
    Temperature is 34 degrees centigrade or less
(3) Respiratory organs, circulatory organ
    ①Extreme cyanosis lasts
    ②We repeat cyanotic attack 
    ③Tendency to increase includes ventilatory frequency in 50 a minute or more
    ④Ventilatory frequency is 30 a minute or less
    ⑤Bleeding tendency is strong
(4) Digestive organ
    ①There is not bowel movement more than 24 hours after birth
    ②Vomiting (vomit) lasts more than 48 hours after birth
    ③There is hemoid vomitus
    ④There is hemoid flight
(5) Jaundice (crossing)
    ①Jaundice occurs within several hours after life
    ②There is abnormally strong jaundice

Target period

Until we leave the hospital from day when we are admitted to designated nurture medical institution and started premature infant nurture (until the day of birthday of up to 1 year old before last)
Within the above, doctor lists in "nurture medical care statement of position" having submit at the time of application; is going to give medical care, and period is decided based on period.

But it becomes the end on discharge day when we leave the hospital before the expiration during period.
(when we move to other designated nurture medical institutions for unavoidable reason in medical care, we become handled as continuation by second application. For application of changing hospital,
New nurture medical care statement of position by doctor of changing hospital medical institution is necessary.)

Contents and protector burden of payment

Hospitalization medical expenses (copayment of medical service under health insurance and copayment of hospitalization meal medical expenses) with designated nurture medical institution is object of payment.
 (medical examination, drug, treatment materials, medical measures, operation, other treatment)

It is not for employee health insurance expense including care product which diaper charges and hospital room not covered by a health insurance plan charges, medical institution prepare originally out of the application.
(please confirm thing which does not know whether it is insurance application in medical institution or employee health insurance.)
In addition, we are inapplicable about thing which settled payment (payment) with medical institution. We cannot refund.

With when nurture medical care is accepted, protector burden of nurture medical care is decided according to income of protector, but is Yokohama-shi
All the 0-year-old children regardless of income of protector of "Subsidies for Medical Expenses for Pediatric Treatment system" in one which come to apply to
Yokohama-shi changes this protector share in Subsidies for Medical Expenses for Pediatric Treatment system, and is medical institution window; of protector share of nurture medical care
Payment does not occur. (but when nurture medical care ticket is not shown to medical institution window with handling of nurture medical care
Payment of copayment is necessary as general medical service under health insurance at medical institution window because it does not become.)

(we move to link.)

Application method

Ward office Children and Families Support Division of ward to live is application window. After as I hand paper necessary for application, making documents,
Please submit.

We can download paper from this page.

Please offer DV that special consideration is needed in application procedure by circumstances at the time of application by all means.
 Please let point that wish to send nurture medical care ticket and notice know on this occasion.

★As of April, 2020, we accept application by mail as new coronavirus infection prophylaxis temporarily.
 Destination: Ward office Children and Families Support Division "nurture medical care" of ward to live charge 
       (you can look at address of each ward office from button under this page).
When you are applied by mail, please fill in Phone number which you can inform of documents content after confirmation well at the daytime or fax number by all means.

Thing necessary for application

1.Nurture medical care benefits (new continuation) application
2."Nurture medical care statement of position" which doctor of designated nurture medical institution to be admitted to filled in
   ・It should be style to set of Yokohama-shi. All the entry items of style that Yokohama-shi establishes thing made with style of other local governments
    We accept only when we cover all.

3.Household record
   When Address which is different from child including taking up job leaving his family behind needs supporting in children, in "person of household record of duty of supporting out of the household" column by all means
    Please fill out.
   ・When you go home and give birth and cannot get even if you mail nurture medical care ticket to Address of resident certificate, please fill in point that you wish to send to the remarks column.
4.Inhabitants' tax taxation certificate (thing which subtraction contents are listed all in)
   ・ Thing of the latest year when we can issue at the time of application is necessary. When is applied for continuation and changing hospital again, of the year when is the latest at the time of re-application
    Taxation certificate is necessary.
    Person taxed in Yokohama-shi can acquire free at ward office.
   ・Taxation certificate for duty of supporting person (father, mother, grandparents) all the members of living same as child is necessary.
    (including duty of supporting person of separation including taking up job leaving his family behind)
   ・Person of social security receipt household, please submit social security certificate (we can acquire in social security counter in charge.)
   ・With the amount of a tax notification and withholding slip, copy of decision report cannot substitute.
   ・Documents which prove that we were living in foreign countries about person who was not taxed for overseas residence in Japan on January 1 of the taxation year
   Documents which can identify the amount of (tags of documents and family register that the office proves overseas assignment period e.g.) and income in foreign countries (from January through December)
    It becomes nadoga need.
    As submission documents vary according to cases, ask application window.

5.Copy of health insurance card of child
  For the items mentioned confirmation, please show at application window.
  Please apply after there was when health insurance card is not made yet or after participation of child became certain.
  ※With health insurance card that which change was located within to health insurance card between before applying for nurture medical care after child was born is new
  Take thing which refrained from numbers of health insurance card before change.

6.My number (personal number) confirmation documents of child and protector
  In the case of notice of my number card, indenture (driver's license or passport) with photograph of the face is necessary.
  For identity verification and application items mentioned confirmation of applicant, I would like the presentation at window.

Flow after application

1.When examine without defect to submitted documents in Yokohama-shi, and nurture medical care benefits is decided, is usually 3-4 weeks from application; from ward office
  "Nurture medical care ticket" is mailed to home.
 (delivery in ordinary mail. So that when there are plans such as moving, nurture medical care ticket hastens for documents which are impossible of transfer; in ward office Children and Families Support Division
  Please let know.)

  As a result of documents examination, we mail "nurture medical care benefits rejection decision notification" to person whom nurture medical care benefits was not detected in in ordinary mail from ward office.

  When even if it is past four weeks from application, nurture medical care ticket or rejection decision notification does not arrive, and there is not contact such as documents defects particularly from ward office, too,
  Sorry for your inconvenience, but please refer to ward office Children and Families Support Division which you applied for.

2.If nurture medical care ticket reaches home, you show to accounts window of medical institution admitted to with health insurance card, and pay the difference for the hospitalization fee
  Please give me.

  Payment of medical expenses of child who applied for nurture medical care becomes reservation with medical institution.
  ・Is handled as general medical service under health insurance without nurture medical system being applied even if nurture medical care ticket reaches home if do not show to medical institution; of medical expenses
   As copayment is requested, please show by all means.
  ・When discharge is decided before nurture medical care ticket arrives during nurture medical care application, we confirm to medical institution about payment time and method of the hospitalization fee beforehand
   Please do. (if nurture medical care ticket arrives after the discharge, please connect with medical institution by all means.)
  ・As when leave the hospital without showing nurture medical care ticket, and state not to connect with medical institution continues, medical expenses becomes unpaid, by all means
   Please contact.

3.When rejection decision notification arrives without nurture medical care benefits being accepted, tell accounts window about so at the time of payment with medical institution.
  Please connect with medical institution by all means even if after discharge when rejection decision notification arrives. When state not to contact continues,
  As medical expenses becomes unpaid, please contact by all means.
  When premature infant nurture medical care benefits becomes rejection, we may correspond to other systems (application is possible at the same time.)
  Please consult with medical institution or ward office Children and Families Support Division.

4.When we leave the hospital or even if hospitalization continues, nurture medical care benefits becomes the end if we become 1 year old.
  When even if period of nurture medical care is expired, we can receive other medical care benefits and furtherance sequentially when treatment of disease and obstacle is necessary
  There is. Please consult with medical institution or ward office Children and Families Support Division.

(example of other medical care benefits systems)
 ・Independence support medical care (upbringing medical care) payment
      Operation and harness treatment, artificial dialysis therapy, teeth-straightening of cleft palate to restore physical obstacle (by standard that country establishes), and to reduce
      System that public expenditure does copayment of medical service under health insurances such as treatment and language training, antiHIV therapy. With designated independence support medical institution until 17 years old. 
 ・Children chronicity identificationIllness(shippei) medical care benefits
      Chronic disease (malignant neoplasm, chronic heart trouble, chronic respiratory illness, chronic digestive organ disease, blood disorder, gene disease others) that country sets of object
      Well, system that public expenditure does copayment of medical service under health insurance to correspond to standard.
      With designated children chronicity identification illness medical institution until principle 17 years old (in the case of extension, there is until 19 years old by condition).

5.When you lost nurture medical care ticket, please apply for re-grant.
  In addition, when there was change to health insurance card, and moved to in the city, ward office (in the case of moving ward office of new address) Children and Families Support Division
  Please tell this.
  Nurture medical care ticket of Yokohama-shi becomes invalid when transferred to the suburbs. Change in the local government of transference; and application of nurture medical care benefits
  Please do.

Application window, reference

Inquiry about application window, procedure

To ward office Children and Families Support Division of ward to live
Ward Phone number Fax Ward

Phone number

Tsurumi Ward 045-510-1797 045-510-1887 Kanazawa Ward 045-788-7785 045-788-7794
Kanagawa Ward 045-411-7112 045-321-8820 Kohoku Ward 045-540-2340 045-540-2426
Nishi Ward 045-320-8468 045-322-9875 Midori Ward 045-930-2332 045-930-2435
Naka Ward 045-224-8172 045-224-8159 Aoba Ward 045-978-2459 045-978-2422
Minami Ward 045-341-1148 045-341-1145 Tsuzuki Ward   045-948-2320 045-948-2309
Konan Ward 045-847-8410 045-842-0813 Totsuka Ward 045-866-8466 045-866-8473
Hodogaya Ward 045-334-6297 045-333-6309 Sakae Ward 045-894-8410 045-894-8406
Asahi Ward 045-954-6122 045-951-4683 Izumi Ward 045-800-2418 045-800-2513
Isogo Ward 045-750-2415 045-750-2540 Seya Ward 045-367-5760 045-367-2943

Inquiry about system

Person in charge of Health and Social Welfare Bureau medical assistance section welfare medical care nurture medical care charge 
 Telephone 045-671-4115 fax 045-664-0403 
 Email [email protected]

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Telephone: 045-671-4115

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