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Single-parent families support medical expenses

Last update date November 4, 2020

Single-parent homes with the medical expenses furtherance

When single-parent families such as family of mother and child, motherless family joining employee health insurance hang over doctor for disease and injury, it is system that Yokohama-shi takes place and bears co-payment.
I hand the welfare Medical Certificate to target person.

Target person

  • Rearer who brings up elementary school student and elementary school student which Address is in Yokohama-shi, and join some kind of employee health insurance, and correspond to any of the following in people except mother, father taking care of the elementary school student or the parents concerned concerned
    • Elementary school student that father or mother died
    • Elementary school student that parents dissolved the marriage
    • Father or mother is elementary school student in obstacle of severeness
    • Elementary school student that life and death of father or mother are not clear
    • Elementary school student which father or mother abandons sequentially more than one year
    • Elementary school student that father or mother receives DV protection order (thing emitted by statement of mother or father is best) from court
    • Elementary school student that father or mother is detained sequentially more than one year by laws and ordinances
    • Elementary school student which conceived without mother stopping by in the marriage
    • Elementary school student (orphans) that father, mother is missing together
  • Do not surpass constant income standard

Elementary school student is person whom there is to first March 31 after day when it reaches 18 years old. But it becomes to under 20 years old when we have disabilities medium degree or more or when we are in high schools.

When we do not become a target

When it is like next, we do not become a target.

  • When we are on welfare
  • When we enter child welfare institutions (including foster parent, foster child)
  • When, by other medical expenses furtherance business, we receive the furtherance of medical expenses

When doctor costs

We can receive medical treatment by submitting the welfare Medical Certificate and health insurance card to windows such as hospitals without taking co-payment.

Method of application

Because single-parent families receive the medical expenses furtherance, you have next, and please apply to ward office Insurance and Pension Division National Health Insurance Section of ward to live.

Thing necessary for application

  • Child Raising Allowance paper
  • Health insurance card
  • Private seal

Person who does not have Child Raising Allowance paper

Person who does not have Child Raising Allowance paper, please attach the next documents.

  • Certificate of family register
  • For the year before last taxation (income) certificate [for all matters]
    • Taxation (income) certificate which city and district heads of towns and villages of Address place as of January 1 issue in the previous year

In addition, (when necessary)

  • Documents (certificates of the physically disabled) which prove degree of obstacle when there is impaired person
  • When there is elementary school student which is in high schools with under 20 years old; student registration certificate

When we were not able to use the welfare Medical Certificate

When we have a medical examination at hospital and hospital of outside the prefecture which do not treat case that we received and this system without being able to show the welfare Medical Certificate by unavoidable reason, we can receive refund if we file in ward office Insurance and Pension Division National Health Insurance Section of ward to live.

Thing necessary for procedure

  • Private seal (thing using vermilion)
  • The welfare Medical Certificate
  • Medical expenses receipt (patient full name, total amount of medical service under health insurance, medical treatment period, receipt amount of money, thing with medical institution name)
  • Bank book of transfer financial institution
  • Health insurance card

Please be careful

  • If there is not health insurance card, we cannot use the welfare Medical Certificate.
  • Self burden (standard burden) of meal charges is not supported at expense not to become a target of medical service under health insurance including hospitalized hospital room not covered by a health insurance plan charges and hospitalization.
  • It is statute of limitations in five years after having a medical examination, and please be careful as you cannot apply.
  • When high medical costs or addition benefit are paid from employee health insurance, we provide except the sum.

Other reports

Following time needs report.
・When employee health insurance which we joined changed
・When Address changed

Thing necessary for report

・Medical Certificate
・Health insurance card
・Private seal (thing to use vermilion for)

※As Medical Certificate is not usable when we are transferred in the suburbs, I would like report by all means.
※When ten thousand receive medical institution using Medical Certificate after qualification of recipient disappeared by ⼀ transference, please return sum that received the furtherance. Please refer to Health and Social Welfare Bureau medical assistance section for ⼿ continuance.

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