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Home medical care, investigation to relate to to nurse

Last update date June 4, 2020

♢Business summary

We collaborate with Yokohama-shi medical association to cope with super-aged society to advance more and more with it is Motoichi and increase family medicine to carry home medical care and will maintain home medical care cooperation base mediating between home medical care and care in 18 wards of city in future. We use data of "population dynamics investigation death small vote" to be based for measure planning of home medical care cooperation promotion business of future Motoichi including home medical care cooperation base business and we continue and analyze.

♢About investigation of 2019 (2019)

We added information of population dynamics investigation for from January, 2018 to December, 2018 in this investigation newly and performed the current situation analysis. We act so that it is high analysis of precision that takes in request that I received from Yokohama-shi Medical Association and each ward Medical Association, staff of ward office in usual, and performs item review of investigation, and took in viewpoint of on-site home medical care.

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