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About community medicine design

Last update date September 27, 2018

Based on rule of medical law enforced in April, 2015, "Kanagawa community medicine design" indicating directionality of long-term approach for construction of the medical care offer system which there should be of 2025 was devised.

(1) Purpose of development
Securing of bed function to be short in the future toward 2025 when the baby boom generation is to 75 years or older and construction of the cooperation system, promotion of area inclusion care system
For the purpose of planning security, the training of human resources supporting enhancement, them of home medical care at this, we show directionality of the approach.

(2) Future figure to aim at
"Kanagawa that can receive high quality medical care, care in peace in area that is imminent when it is necessary while anyone lives lively well"

(3) Three approaches in community medicine design
We show in community medicine design and, toward realization of "figure to aim" at, wrestle in matter to raise next in cooperation with affiliate or citizen's one.

Oh, securing of bed function to be short in the future and construction of the cooperation system
Improvement of home medical care for promotion of i area inclusion care system
Security, the training of healthcare worker supporting the cormorant future medical offer system

(4) Document
Kanagawa community medicine design summary (PDF: 1,264KB)
Kanagawa community medicine design (the text) (PDF: 2,896KB)
※ Yokohama-shi part is listed in page 69 by page 57 of Chapter 3.

Collection of data affecting Kanagawa community medicine design (1) (PDF: 9,318KB)
Collection of data affecting Kanagawa community medicine design (2) (PDF: 6,019KB)

The details…
➡ Kanagawa community medicine design (Kanagawa homepage) (the outside site)

About approach of Yokohama-shi

◆ We held "the community medicine design spread enlightenment seminar" targeting at medical institutions (H29.12.26)

◆ We held "... to regard care as medical care of Yokohama from community medicine design lecture - this" (the outside site) (H29.1.29)

◆ We held "community medicine design spread enlightenment seminar" (Yokohama area) (the outside site) (H28.12.1)

In "Yokohama that can receive medical care in peace even if repeat age" (PDF: 836KB) public information Yokohama (December, 2016 issue)

About development of community medicine design

◆ About community medicine design adjustment meeting

The details…
➡ Meeting records in community medicine design adjustment conferencing plan (Kanagawa homepage) (the outside site)

◆ About community medicine design development guidelines

◆ Related information

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