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About offer of "Yokohama-shi discharge support reinforcement business"

Last update date December 6, 2019

Purpose, purpose of 1 open call for participants

 We plan efficiency of hospitalization medical care and, about business to assist a part of placement expense of nurse supporting discharge in the medical institution for the purpose of building the medical offer system which can accept more patients or social worker, invite public participation as experimental project as follows.

Company which is targeted for 2 assistance

 Hospital which does not meet facility standard of "the hospitalization and release support addition" to prescribe in facility standard of basic medical treatment charges at the point of application among hospitals establishing in Yokohama-shi with less than 200 beds.

3 assistance amounts of money

(1) Supporting target expense
 Personnel expenses of nurse whom we placed newly to leave the hospital, and to support or social worker
(2) Supporting amount of money
 In 300 1,000 yen or true expense, it is a half number of (the number of the moon which calculated the hospitalization and release support addition) X in forehead X assistance object month of few people
 (sum that when fraction less than 1,000 yen occurred, cut this off)

Than table 1 according to reference summary
The amount of standardTarget expenseSupporting rate

 Forehead of people little among following ①,②
①The true expense
②The number of the moon which calculated 300 1,000 yen X hospitalization and release support addition

 Personnel expenses of nurse whom we placed newly to leave the hospital, and to support or social worker
 We include the regular staff salary costs, Administrative Staff salary costs, legal public welfare costs, bonus and medical treatment.
(less than 1,000 yen cutting off)

The number of the hospitals targeted for 4 (plan)

 3 hospitals

5 application methods

 Please submit the following documents at the following. (please bring principle.)

(1) Submission documents
 ①Yokohama-shi discharge support reinforcement business subsidy grant application (the first style)
 ②Yokohama-shi discharge support reinforcement business plan (No. 2 style)
 ③Yokohama-shi discharge support reinforcement business budget book (No. 3 style)
 ④Resume of supporting target (plan) person
(2) Submission
 It is addressed to City of Yokohama, Medical Care Bureau medical care policy section Kashimura, Motomura
 〒231-0017 1-8, Onoecho, Naka-ku, Yokohama-shi Kannai the fourth floor of Arai Building

(3) Deadline for submission ※We extended open call for participants period.
 Until the midday of Friday, December 20, 2019 (must arrive in the case of mail submission on that day)
 ※We cannot take any responsibility about mail accidents.

7 instructions

Hospital which can catch assistance based on other laws that this subsidy and target expense repeat or budget system cannot receive this subsidy.

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