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Held report of community medicine plan lecture

Last update date March 6, 2020

On Sunday, January 29, we held "... which regarded care as medical care of Yokohama from community medicine plan lecture - this" in hamagin hall via Male.
In warm climate blessed with weather, we had you participate in about 300 citizens, medical care, care person concerned.

Lecture 1 International University of Health and Welfare graduate school professor Yasushi Takahashi
"How medical care and care should change ... "thoroughly" kara "somewhat" - to model medical care"
Assist authorized NPO corporation in 2 in lecture; medical human rights center COML director Ikuko Yamaguchi
What "citizen wants to know for the Year 2025 Problem"
Lecture 3 painter, talent Maako Kido
"Care picture diary of love letter mother and me who join memory together"

We will send information about medical care and care clearly from now on and, in City of Yokohama, Medical Care Bureau, will perform various approaches.
Thank you, all of you who had you participate.

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