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About ICT allied enterprise

Last update date April 24, 2020

 As measures to the issue of aging symbolized by the Year 2025 Problem, more-better-than effective efficiency-like inflection of health resource is demanded. For the purpose of promoting construction in area of community medicine cooperation network utilizing ICT as one of these measures in 2017 Yokohama-shi "community medicine cooperation network guidelines (say "city guidelines" as follows.) utilizing ICT We devised "and, as proof business of city guidelines, carried out "Yokohama-shi EHR construction support assistance business" in 2018, and "sage netto" was built in the Tsurumi Ward.

 In Motoichi, we assume expansion of network in other areas in Yokohama-shi based on "Yokohama health medical care plan 2018" and will introduce approach about utilization of ICT in Motoichi here in future.

■"ICT" It is ... with this
It is words to mean "information and communication technology" by abbreviation of Information and Communicaition Technology (information and communication technology).

What's New

 We devised Motoichi original guidelines that compiled content to promote approach of Yokohama-shi in March, 2018!
 Guidelines reflect progress of trend and proof business of countries such as Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications, Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare and revise at any time.

 In Yokohama-shi, we install "community medicine cooperation network society utilizing Yokohama-shi ICT" for the purpose of studying community medicine cooperation of Yokohama-shi under utilization method of more effective ICT that there is that efficiency-like toward 2025 when the baby boom generation becomes elderly aged 75 or over. (from 2015)

 Understanding promotion such as the city healthcare workers for application of ICT arrests with one of the important elements to promote community medicine cooperation network utilizing ICT more and hold seminar in Motoichi in usual.

(4) About Motoichi assistance business

(1) Process
 Based on one year having passed from operation start of "sage netto", we entrusted TOWNNEWS-SHA Co., Ltd. about the use situation as of 2019 of the business concerned and reported on this report in participation facility and gathered up about convenience and usefulness of the business concerned, problem holding now.
 Based on this report, we will decide to reflect in policies such as community medicine cooperation network construction utilizing ICT in Motoichi in future. In addition, area is unexpected joy other than the city by including, and sharing this report if we help mood breeding about community medicine cooperation network construction utilizing ICT in Motoichi.

(2) Target reader
 This report intended for medical care, the care person concerned engaged in plan, construction, administration of community medicine cooperation network utilizing ICT, person concerned with medical care, care to actually use in Motoichi. But the suburbs person concerned includes in target reader as there is cooperation with the suburbs in the consideration. Therefore we did not gather up as target reader toward citizen and the patient.

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