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Yokohama-shi incurable disease lecture, exchange meeting

Last update date January 18, 2021

Announcement of Yokohama-shi incurable disease lecture, exchange meeting

In Health and Welfare Center of Yokohama-shi, we perform lecture or individual consultation, exchange meeting (free).
Please participate in Health and Welfare Center to carry out after inquiry by telephone or fax.
We look forward to not only patient but also participation of family.
Announcement of 2020 Yokohama-shi incurable disease lecture, exchange meeting (list is edition) (PDF: 286KB)
We put the following schedules together, and please see.
※By the future situation, schedule may be changed.

We send the latest information of incurable disease lecture, exchange meeting that Yokohama-shi carries out in "Yokohama-shi incurable disease information e-mail magazine".

2020 incurable disease lecture schedule

Tsurumi WardAplastic anemia (PDF: 376KB) ※It was finished.Sunday, September 2314:00-16:00
Idiopathic thrombocytopenic purpura (PDF: 378KB) ※It was finished.

Monday, November 16

Kanagawa Ward[cancellation] Mixed connective tissue disease

[cancellation] Idiopathic expansion type cardiomyopathy/restriction type cardiomyopathy/enlargement type cardiomyopathy
Nishi Ward[holding by ZOOM] Multiple sclerosis/optic nerve myelitis (PDF: 482KB)Monday, January 2514:00-16:00
[cancellation] Crohn disease
Naka Ward[cancellation] Idiopathic thrombocytopenic purpura
[cancellation] Pituitary gland growth hormone secretion sthenia symptom
Minami WardSkin myosis/polymyositis ※It was finished.

Monday, September 14

[cancellation] IgA kidney disease
Konan Ward[cancellation] Myasthenica gravis

[cancellation] The back length ligament ossification symptom

Hodogaya Ward[cancellation] Idiopathic stroma-related pneumonia
[cancellation] The progressive supranuclear paralysis
Asahi WardSjogren's syndrome ※It was finished.Wednesday, November 18The afternoon
[cancellation] Skin myosis/polymyositis

Isogo Ward

[cancellation] General malaise
[cancellation] Mixed connective tissue disease
Kanazawa Ward[cancellation] Systemic scleroderma
Progressive supranuclear paralysis/basal nuclei degeneration (PDF: 419KB) ※It was finished.Monday, October 2614:00-16:00
Kohoku WardMulti-system kraurosis (PDF: 705KB) ※It was finished.Wednesday, October 714:00-15:30
[cancellation] Behcet's disease
Midori Ward[cancellation] Myasthenica gravis
[cancellation] Multiple sclerosis

Aoba WardPrimary choler-related cholangitis, autoimmunity-related hepatitisFriday, February 19

The morning

[cancellation] Parkinson's disease
Tsuzuki Ward  [cancellation] The back length ligament ossification symptom
[cancellation] Spinocerebellar degeneration
Totsuka Ward[streaming] Idiopathic head of femur necrosis symptom (PDF: 729KB)From Monday, January 18 to Wednesday, June 30

Ulcerative colitis

Sakae Ward

[cancellation] Sarcoidosis

Primary choler-related cholangitis (PDF: 661KB) ※It was finished.Monday, November 1614:00-16:00
Izumi WardChronic thrombo embolic pulmonary hypertension (PDF: 467KB) ※It was finished.Thursday, October 2914:00-16:00
[cancellation] Acidophile-related sinusitis
Seya WardDiencephalon pituitarism ※It was finished.Wednesday, November 1114:00-16:00
[cancellation] Pigmentary degeneration of the retina

2020 incurable disease exchange meeting schedule

Or, for extended prevention of new coronavirus infectious disease, change may be called off. Please refer to each ward for the details.

 Target diseaseThe dateHolding timeWard that is targeted for offerConduct venue
Tsurumi WardNerve incurable disease Once a month, WednesdayThe afternoonTsurumi WardTsurumi Ward government office
Kanagawa WardParkinson's disease, multi-system kraurosis, overall nerve incurable disease including spinocerebellar degeneration

In principle first Thursday
(except August and January 10 times a year)

The afternoon

Kanagawa Ward
And neighboring wards

shinkoremokujiiki care plaza
Minami WardParkinson's disease ※It was finished.Tuesday, October 613:30-15:00

Minami Ward

Minami Ward government office
Konan WardParkinson's disease

10 times a year
(fourth Tuesday)

The afternoon

Konan Ward

Konan Ward government office
Hodogaya WardParkinson's disease, spinocerebellar degeneration, multi-system kraurosis

11 times a year
The third, the fourth or the fifth Friday

13:30-15:30Hodogaya WardHodogaya Ward government office
Asahi WardNeurologic incurable disease 10 times a year13:30-15:30All wards

Urban 128 birr
Asahi Ward government office

Kanazawa WardAll diseases

Three times a year
(September, November, undecided) 

The afternoonKanazawa WardKanazawa Ward government office

Kohoku Ward

Parkinson's disease, spinocerebellar degeneration, multi-system kraurosis

Seven times a year
(in principle third Wednesday)

13:30-15:30Kohoku WardKohoku Ward government office
Kohoku WardOverall collagenosis

Seven times a year
(in principle second Wednesday)

13:30-15:30Kohoku WardKohoku Ward government office
Midori WardParkinson's disease, spinocerebellar degeneration, multi-system kraurosis

Four times a year
(second Wednesday)

The morningAll wardsMidori Ward government office
Aoba WardOverall nerve incurable disease Eight times a yearThe afternoonAll wardsAoba Ward government office
Tsuzuki Ward  Nerve incurable disease Nine times a yearThe morningTsuzuki Ward  Tsuzuki Ward   government office
Tsuzuki Ward  Collagenosis ※It was finished.Tuesday, December 113:30-15:00

Tsuzuki Ward  
And neighboring wards

Tsuzuki Ward   government office
Totsuka WardRheumatoid arthritis10 times a yearThe afternoonAll wardsTotsuka Ward Council of Social Welfare
Sakae WardParkinson's disease-related disease, collagenosisNine times a yearThe afternoon

Sakae Ward
And neighboring wards

Sakae Ward government office
Izumi WardParkinson's disease, spinocerebellar degeneration

Nine times a year
(in principle second Tuesday)

The afternoon

Izumi Ward
And neighboring wards

Izumi Ward government office
Seya WardNeurologic disease

In principle fourth Wednesday
(excluded in August)

The afternoonAll wardsSeya Ward government office


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