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Patients with at-home serious case going out support project

Last update date August 20, 2020


When incurable disease patient who cannot but use special vehicle hard to please for stretcher (the bed, stretcher) uses carriers such as patients of Yokohama-shi authorization as transportation of ambulatory verges, movement by wheelchair-adaptive vehicle supports a part of the rate, too.
Please confirm this about registration procedure and the use.
About patients with at-home serious case going out support project (PDF: 269KB)

Vehicle which is targeted for the furtherance

Cars for conveyance such as patients of "conveyance business authorization supplier such as Yokohama-shi patients"

Lists of conveyance business authorization suppliers (for print) such as Yokohama-shi patients (PDF: 157KB) (August 7, 2020 update is edition)

※ This list is company-like list which City of Yokohama, Fire Bureau authorizes based on "conveyance business authorization summaries such as Yokohama-shi patients".

Reception desk, reference

Each ward office Health and Welfare Center Elderly and Disabled Support Division

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