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Incurable disease patient temporary hospitalization business

Last update date April 12, 2019


Incurable disease patient who undergo at home medical treatment, and use respirator, and has high medical dependence by circumstances of person of assistance
When it becomes difficult temporarily to receive at home assistance; short-term to designated medical institution in the city; can be hospitalized.
※ By the number of the space situation and the use applicants of bed, it may not be available.


Person who fulfills all next conditions

  1. Which contracts a disease for illness (PDF: 187KB) to live in Yokohama-shi, and to establish in person with a disability synthesis support law
  2. Person who it is necessary to always place under medical management, and condition is stable, but puts on various medical equipment ※1
  3. Undergo at home medical treatment, circumstances of person of assistance ※Where it became difficult to receive at home assistance by 2 temporarily

※Which establishes person using 1 respirator, person tracheotomizing, stomach rouo, and needs frequent sputum suction
※Rest (resupaito), illness, injury, hospitalization, childbirth, ceremonial occasion, business trip of person of 2 assistance, event of school


Medical institution which Motoichi appoints ※Sickroom cannot be specified.

The use day

We set a ceiling of six times a year and, until 14 days, are available each time.

Application documents

  1. Application
  2. Medical treatment information paper (life time of the day)
  3. Medical treatment reporting book (please ask for making in family medicine.) from family medicine
  4. Other required documents (copies of prescription notebook)

When we wish to use, please consult with ward office Elderly and Disabled Support Division living by two months.


Each ward office Health and Welfare Center Elderly and Disabled Support Division

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