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Going out support service business (incurable disease patient)

Last update date September 3, 2020

About the use resumption

With infection spread of new coronavirus infectious disease, it stopped the use until the end of May, but restarts service sequentially as soon as we are ready after June.
But, about the new use application, it stops acceptance for the time being.
For more details, please ask each ward Council of Social Welfare.
※We cannot find driving volunteer enough and may not meet requirements of the use. In addition, please note that you may stop the use by the situation of future new coronavirus infectious disease again.


By volunteer driving of ward Council of Social Welfare, we perform home and pickup and drop-off between medical institutions by exclusive vehicle.


Person who fulfills all next conditions

  1. Which contracts a disease for illness (PDF: 187KB) to set by person with a disability synthesis support law in living in Yokohama-shi
  2. Wheelchair users who undergoes medical treatment in being at home with difficulties for going out that we use general means of transportation

※It is prior registration system. It applies to condition or becomes registration on examination.

The use use

  1. It is pickup and drop-off for consultation to medical institution from home
  2. It is pickup and drop-off for use of service in welfare facilities, group from home
  3. It is pickup and drop-off for procedures in administration from home

※As a general rule, it is limited to the use in Yokohama-shi.


Set a ceiling of 300 yen to 2 kilos at first, and after that every 1 kilo the addition (truncation) of 150 yen
※Toll road rate, the parking lot price are the actual expenses burdens separately.

Application documents

  1. The predetermined use application (please receive in each ward Council of Social Welfare)
  2. Yokohama-shi identification medical expenses (designated incurable disease ) medical care certificate (copy) or predetermined medical certificate (please receive in each ward Council of Social Welfare)

Reception desk, reference

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Telephone: 045-671-4405

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