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Pediatric care

Last update date January 24, 2019

Emergency consultation guide, emergency consultation center (# 7119)

24 hours a day, every day

It is # 7119 or 045-232-7119 from telephone

Medical institution guidance ⇒ first
We show around hospital, clinics which we can receive then. On consultation, please go out after confirming the medical examination situation in each hospital.
Emergency telephone consultation ⇒ second
We advise about the need of emergency and consultation based on symptom of sudden disease and injury.

Search by Yokohama-shi first aid consultation guide from PC, smartphone

We can confirm the need of emergency and consultation when we choose applicable disease and symptom.

We show around emergency clinics on Night-time Emergency Medical Center, holiday when we can have a medical examination at the time of sudden illness of the night or holiday.

We accept emergency pediatric service after 0:00 a.m. in emergency pediatric service base Hospital.
About emergency pediatric service base Hospital, you can confirm from the link mentioned above.
When you have a medical examination, you call beforehand by all means and confirm, and please go out.
※Emergency care gives priority to symptom considered to be heavy.

When child who there is address in Yokohama-shi, and joins employee health insurance had a medical examination to medical institution for disease and injury, it is system to support co-payment of medical service under health insurance according to age.
(link to page of Health and Social Welfare Bureau Insurance and Pension Division.)

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Telephone: 045-671-3932

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