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We push forward the making of structure of medical care, health so that citizen's all of you pass in the future and are continued living based on "Yokohama health medical care plan 2018" in good health in peace in Yokohama-shi. As part of this approach, we put emphasis in having citizen's all of you catch medical care as own thing together with "another person" and raise "medical viewpoint" as new concept of public information about medical care and we turn technique until now and carry out medical care public information.

Last update date January 8, 2020


Why is Yokohama-shi going to have you know medical care? We comment on conduct background of project.


By cooperation with medical notebook, we publish story that we collected data on in medical personnel for each disease and theme.


We hold events that can feel medical care close.

Partner who supports "medical viewpoint"

We plan device attracting interest that is easy to remain in impression by cooperation with private enterprises more, and is easy to be handed down. Partner companies are enriched in future.

Yokohama City University


Medical notebook



◆ We published action that "thought about breast cancer".  2019.02.27
◆ Story published "worth doing, joy, importance as field - visit nurse who worked of nurse".  2019.02.27
◆ We held "ten which turned viewpoint" report.  2018.12.05
◆ We updated concept page.  2018.11.15
◆ We placed "ten which turned viewpoint" event information.  2018.11.05
◆ Medical viewpoint project started.  2018.10.03

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