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Please be careful about electronic cigarettes containing nicotine!

Last update date July 31, 2020

After analyzing among materials which incorporated administrative agency National Consumer Affairs Center of Japan published on August 18, 2010 whether nicotine contained to steam atomized about electronic cigarette of 11 brands reported that we contained nicotine by cartridge, nicotine was detected by product of all 11 brands.
Cartridge containing nicotine corresponds to pharmaceutical products in law (the medicine machine method) about pharmaceutical products, quality such as medical equipment, effective and safe security unless these products are quantity of degree that they cannot expect of pharmacologic effect, and it is admitted that it is used for the purpose of the coloration, aromatizing exclusively, and device letting you atomize cartridge nicotine corresponds to medical equipment in the medicine machine method.
Person who has already purchased product, please refrain from use in order to avoid ingestion of nicotine.
In addition, act selling this violates the medicine machine method as sale such as no approval unlicensed drugs when there is not thing which got approval in the medicine machine method so far in the country, and product corresponds to pharmaceutical products and medical equipment about electronic cigarette containing nicotine.

Incorporated administrative agency National Consumer Affairs Center of Japan

"We think about safety of electronic cigarette on August 18, 2010" (the outside site)

Consumer Affairs Agency

About "material which there was of offer and correspondence from the Minister of Health, Labour and Welfare about electronic cigarette on December 27, 2010" (PDF: 290KB)

Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare

About "harm hedge about electronic cigarette containing nicotine on December 27, 2010" (the outside site)

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