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News about medical security

Last update date October 30, 2019

Recent news (each left column includes past medical affairs, pharmaceutical practice information) about medical security

Important news
DateNotice numberTitle
November 25, 2016imatsurigotosohatsu 1125 No. 2About safety management in medical institution (PDF: 65KB)
July 26, 2016imatsurigotosohatsu 0726 No. 2About securing of security such as patients in medical institution (PDF: 59KB)

Medical affairs information

Medical affairs information
DateNotice numberTitle
October 17, 2019 

2019 nosocomial infection measures class (PDF: 1,117KB)
[acceptance of attendance application was finished]

October 3, 2019imatsurigotojihatsu 1003 No. 5About guidelines about guideline development for use of security on radiation for medical treatment (PDF: 576KB)
September 30, 2019Desk work contactAbout correspondence before "Nichi-Iko Pharmaceutical" for cefazolin sodium injection being supplied steadily (PDF: 145KB)
September 30, 2019

0930 first from medicine Masayasu
The yakuseiyasuhatsu 0930 first

Medical accident intelligence about public announcement of business 58th report (PDF: 1,446KB)
September 27, 2019The imatsurigotojihatsu 0927 firstAbout conduct of 2019 bed function report (PDF: 5,186KB)
September 19, 2019

imatsurigotosohatsu 0919 No. 3
The imatsurigotojihatsu 0919 first

About full-time employment of manager of clinics (PDF: 665KB)
September 17, 2019 About common knowledge about the enforcement of law (2017 law No. 44) to revise a part of the civil law (PDF: 173KB)
September 2, 2019

0902 first from medicine Masayasu
The yakuseikishinhatsu 0902 first
The yakuseiyasuhatsu 0902 first

About shape change for prevention of false connection of port for connection in film type plasma separator and the correspondence (PDF: 239KB)
August 27, 2019Pass through water; plan No. 71About summer heat measures by setting of mist device (PDF: 374KB)
August 23, 2019Desk work contactAbout nosocomial infection example of B. cereus in medical institution (PDF: 434KB)
July 31, 2019Medicine No. 1636About revision about about revision of "guideline about appropriate conduct of on lie-in medical treatment" and "Q&A" about "guideline about appropriate conduct of online medical treatment" (PDF: 2,020KB)
July 12, 2019Desk work contactAbout the spread of heat stroke prevention enlightenment, attention awakening (PDF: 1,956KB)
July 10, 2019

The imatsurigotosohatsu 0710 first
imatsurigotojihatsu 0710 No. 2

About between "hospital or clinics and some revisions about point to keep in mind when is given in trust" (PDF: 145KB)
July 9, 2019The imatsurigotosohatsu 0709 firstAbout the handling of drawing blood to perform at place for the purpose of collection of dope test nii specimen to use in sports out of the medical institution (PDF: 157KB)
July 5, 2019

0705 first from medicine Masayasu
The yakuseiyasuhatsu 0705 first

Medical accident intelligence about public announcement of business No. 57 report (PDF: 1,626KB)
July 5, 2019

0705 No. 6 from medicine Masayasu
yakuseiyasuhatsu 0705 No. 6

Medical accident intelligence about public announcement of business 2018 annual report (PDF: 104KB)
July 3, 2019imatsurigotosohatsu 0703 No. 2About request for observance of special measures law about correction of act to inhibit imputation of consumption tax for security of smooth and appropriate imputation of consumption tax (PDF: 4,652KB)
June 6, 2019Desk work contactAbout common knowledge about the enforcement of law (2017 law No. 44) to revise a part of the civil law (PDF: 1,958KB)
June 4, 20190604 first from medicine MasayasuAbout public announcement of proposal No. 9 for prevention of recurrence of medical accident (PDF: 108KB)
June 3, 2019

The imatsurigotosohatsu 0603 first

About procession of guidelines about support to people that hospitalization and decision making to affect medical care are difficult in person without relative (PDF: 2,589KB)
May 23, 2019Medicine No. 1291About the guard cooperation accompanied with President Trump visit to Japan (cyber security measures of important infrastructure company) (PDF: 766KB)
May 22, 2019kenkanhatsu 0522 No. 11About thorough appropriate management such as specific pathogens accompanied with holding such as G20 Osaka Summit and the President of cards United States of America visit to Japan (PDF: 850KB)
May 21, 2019The kenkanhatsu 0521 firstAbout additional offer of participation medical institution to affect nosocomial infection measures surveillance business (JANIS) (PDF: 1,427KB) [deadline for application: on Friday, September 27, 2019 must arrive]
May 20, 2019Medicine No. 68About the enforcement of departmental order about the clinical training to prescribe in 2 Paragraph 1 of Medical Practitioners Act Article 16 (PDF: 93KB)
May 8, 2019Medicine No. 1170About appropriate choice, conduct of investigation such as dissection in medical accident investigation system (PDF: 252KB)
April 26, 2019Desk work contactAbout "guidelines about medical care child acceptance in nursery school" (2018 child, child care support promotion research business) (PDF: 2,357KB)
April 26, 2019Desk work contactAbout revision such as the mention points such as offer plans such as regenerative medicine (PDF: 3,146KB)
April 25, 2019The imatsurigotosohatsu 0425 firstAbout sending of "joint statement about skill in breast augmentation using non-absorbable filler" (PDF: 849KB)
April 22, 20190422 first from medicine MasayasuAbout public announcement of proposal No. 8 for prevention of recurrence of medical accident (PDF: 108KB)
April 18, 2019Desk work contactAbout the handling to affect Consultation hours changes to be concerned with in 10 consecutive holidays from April 27 to May 6 (PDF: 90KB)
April 17, 2019Desk work contactAbout the handling of age indication by the name of an era accompanied with change of an era (PDF: 263KB)
April 12, 2019

0412 first from medicine Masayasu

About medical safe regional alliances sheet (PDF: 1,772KB)
April 12, 2019Medicine No. 1005About special depreciation system of facilities contributing to securing of medical offer system in area (PDF: 2,044KB)
April 4, 2019Medicine No. 2246About holding of individual financing conference for use of medical loan business financing facility applicant (PDF: 1,087KB)
April 1, 2019

imatsurigotokenhatsu 0401 No. 2
yakuseikishinhatsu 0401 No. 4

About all revision of "guideline about the establishment of human embryonic stem cell" (PDF: 1,468KB)
Past medical affairs information is this

Pharmaceutical practice information

Pharmaceutical practice information
DateNotice numberTitle
March 15, 2019Desk work contactAbout forgery confirmed in China of antifungal "liquid 2% for the zefunato outside" (PDF: 92KB)
March 14, 2019The yakuseiyakushinhatsu 0314 firstAbout reexamination result 2018 (8) such as new pharmaceutical products (PDF: 107KB)
March 8, 2019Medicine No. 3968About matter to revise all of basic policy to plan securing of safe improvement of blood products and steady supply (PDF: 1,858KB)
March 7, 2019yakuseiyakushinhatsu 0307 No. 5About reexamination result 2018 (7) such as new pharmaceutical products (PDF: 110KB)
March 1, 2019yakuseisohatsu 0301 No. 8About appropriate operation of pharmacist training recognition system (PDF: 164KB)
February 28, 2019yakuseiyasuhatsu 0228 No. 2About result of use results investigation of oshimeruchinibumeshiru acid salt preparation (PDF: 1,674KB)
February 25, 2019The yakuseikishinhatsu 0225 firstAbout the most suitable use promotion guidelines on pro-mesenchyma stem cell derived from human (by oneself) marrow (PDF: 593KB)
February 21, 2019The yakuseiyakushinhatsu 0221 firstAbout notice matter on using serichinibu preparation (PDF: 139KB)
February 20, 2019Medicine No. 3769About designation of governor-designated drug based on prevention of Kanagawa drug abuse regulations Article 10 Paragraph 1 (PDF: 861KB)
February 19, 2019The first from medicine life 0219About revision of departmental order to set uses such as medical care to prescribe of four of drug to appoint to prescribe in law Article 2 Paragraph 15 and law Article 76 about quality, effective and safe securing of pharmaceutical products, medical equipment (PDF: 135KB)
February 14, 2019Desk work contactAbout conduct of sale, loan Office manager class of 2019 medical equipment and the continuous training of sale, loan office manager of medical equipment and repair responsible technical manager (PDF: 2,067KB)
February 14, 2019

yakuseisohatsu 0214 No. 6
The yakuseiyasuhatsu 0214 first

About common knowledge of "drugstore hiyari hat example collection, analysis business 19th report" (PDF: 524KB)
Past pharmaceutical practice information is this

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