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About Anma massage shiatsu, needle, moxacautery and judo therapy

Last update date March 14, 2019

Anma massage shiatsu that the law about Anma pine serge chiropractor, master of needle, rapid teacher and bonesetter method (we say "the ahaki methods" as follows.) is for forms, and moxacautery and judo therapy (we say "surgical operation" as follows.) can perform the licensed Ministers of Health, Labour and Welfare as the work other than doctor.

We are required that person having these licenses observes limits of structure facilities standard of treatment place prescribed for the ahaki methods, submissions such as various reports and advertisement and performs the work.

Oh, who is going to receive these surgical operations would appreciate your receiving surgical operation by qualified person as it is prohibited that we vomit and perform surgical operation targeted for law as the work without a license.

Please refer to Health and Welfare Center Health Sanitation Division (medical affairs pharmaceutical practice charge) of each ward having jurisdiction over the location of treatment place for the noahaki methods wanting to know target treatment place in Yokohama-shi.

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