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Report reception desk, grant by mail

Last update date October 2, 2019

Information for report reception desk, grant by mail to affect hygiene-related business formalities

Report by mail

Lists (we can download style.) such as reports accepting by 1 mail

2 notice matters

  • By specific records, please mail. (about accidents such as loss, damage in mail process of application documents, we do not take responsibility.)
  • As we may check contact about contents of report, contact, please specify produced Phone number by all means immediately.
  • You fill in return address on self-addressed envelope at hand when reserve is necessary, and you enclose stamp with two copies of registration form (for reserve for submission) after pasting, and please send.
  • As attached documents or other reports may be necessary, beforehandLists such as reports accepting by mailPlease confirm in this.

Grant by mail

Documents targeted for grant by mail and list of postage

License relations
Medical affairs pharmaceutical practice relations
Food hygiene relations
Animal protection and management relations
Environmental hygiene relations
Well for disaster emergency

Thing necessary for procedure for 2 mail grants

[common matter]

[medical professionals which new application renews driver's license, and is made grant application, application for re-issue]
We accept grant by mail only when come over to window, and the applicant (license qualified person) person can confirm the person. When mail grant is hoped for, take documents (any of the following) which can confirm that it is the person.
In addition, about application for re-issue, take thing put photograph on.
・Driving driver's license
・My number card (personal number card)
・Identification of people insured such as employee health insurance, National Health Insurance, seamen's insurance
・Mutual aid union card
・National Pension Plan (Kokumin Nenkin) notebook, pension book
・Rente which affects National Pension Plan (Kokumin Nenkin), Employees' Pension Insurance, seamen's insurance
・Papers such as mutual pension, pension
・Certificate of the physically disabled
・Identification cards (thing put photograph on) such as government offices
・Identification card (thing put photograph on) of company
・Student identification card (thing put photograph on)
・Passport (thing put photograph on)

[license which when mail is hoped for, confirms that it is the person]
Doctor, dentist, health nurse, obstetrical teacher, nurse, pharmacist, medical technologist, sanitary inspector, medical treatment skiagrapher, occupational therapist, physical therapist, orthoptist, dental technician, autopsy qualification authorization, administrative dietitian, dietician, cook, associate nurse, the conception adjustment practice instructor

3 mail methods

I send with certified mail.
※You do notation of "folio strict prohibition" in envelope for mail, but please note that you may turn at the time of mail in occasion.

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