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Medical security (medical affairs, pharmaceutical practice)

Last update date March 14, 2019

Medical safe support center

For medical offer facility (hospital, clinics , assistant delivery room, drugstore), patient, inhabitants, we perform advice about medical security and reporting.

Medical safe support center

Medical safe consultation counter

In correspondence with consultation about medical care from patient, citizen, we are doing help in search of beginning to solution to the problem.

Medical safe consultation counter

Medical safe workshop

For medical offer facility, we hold for the purpose of ensuring safety in system and medical institution about medical security, improvement of patient service.

Workshop for healthcare workers

For patient, citizen, we hold for the purpose of support of wide reporting to contribute to medical security and independent self-determination in medical treatment.

Lecture for citizens

Preventive measures against nosocomial infection

Please see this about preventive measures against Yokohama-shi infection support Network.

Preventive measures against Yokohama-shi infection support Network

About news about medical security

As for the notices about medical security from Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare and Kanagawa, please see this.

News about medical security

Thing about medical care including hospital, drugstore and the worker

   We inform about procedure about various licenses such as medical workers concerned.

   We inform about procedure about hospital, clinics , midwifery place, treatment place.

   We inform about procedure about drugstore, pharmaceutical products dealership, medical equipment dealership, loan business.

   We prevent that we use pharmaceutical products at use and dose that were off original purpose and that we use objective drug which there is not illegally.

   We inform about the end of provisional measure period of revised Pharmaceutical Affairs Law.

   We inform about procedure about medical corporation.

   We will tell about way of thinking about partner points such as sale of pharmaceutical products in wholesale dealership.

   We will tell about attention of the fire handling in at-home oxygen therapy.

Others, material

   We inform about hospital, the public clinics , dental clinic list in Yokohama-shi.

  • The medical facilities situation of Yokohama-shi

   We inform about the medical facilities situation of Yokohama-shi.

   Drugstore in Yokohama-shi, pharmaceutical products distributor, high managed care apparatus inform of dealership, loan supplier, regenerative medicine about product distributor list.

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Health and Social Welfare Bureau health security department medical care security section

Telephone: 045-671-3654

Telephone: 045-671-3654

Fax: 045-663-7327

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