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It is ... for ending that is sad when we abuse drug

Last update date August 25, 2020

 With "dangerous drug", call "evasion of the law drug" before ※It is abuse-related drug sold by, Internet and adult shop, advertisement of magazine. Color to be popular with young people as for these most is designed, and is sold in forms such as tablet, powder, liquid, capsule.

Illustration which becomes sad ending when we abuse drug

 Cocaine "C" (the sea), drug such as cannabis "leaf" is abused thinner "bean-jam bun" stimulant "S" (S, speed) heroin "H" (H) from the old days, but we seem to resemble structure of drug and stimulant now and compose drug different a little, and it is in trend that we sell drug not to violate the drug and psychotropic drug control method and abuse. For example, MDMA (ecstasy), AMT, 5-MeO-DIPT became problem, but these were appointed to drug. However, thing which changes some structure though we resemble these drugs more, and was composed is put on sale.
 Dependence is strong, and these drugs are only things causing poisoning. It is not easily stopped when we use, and health is just terrible once. Furthermore, we came to hear news of crime by in danger drug user.

It becomes difficult to stop only for self-will. Abnormal symptom called "withdrawal symptoms" peculiar to the drug appears when we stop drug.
The effect gradually declines when we use drug many times and will increase quantity to demand early effect.

 It is not cool at all to use drug. It is not gone on a diet. Let's certainly leave that we start the fight without yielding to temptation of the circumference! !.

※Because there was indication that we might give wrong recognition not to touch law about production, sale, the conferment either (Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare: at the way review meeting of evasion of the law drug measures), name "evasion of the law drug" changes the name to "illegal drug", and it is "danger drug" now.


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