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Last update date March 13, 2019

If you give advice and have a question, please inquire for information provided in Yokohama City Inst. of Health WEB page at the following.
In addition, we publish in "collection of common questions" about common question. Please see in total.

  • We cannot answer individual diagnosis and question about medical treatment, treatment (this office is not medical institution). Please talk with hospital in neighborhood and medical institution including clinics .
  • As a general rule, in this office, we do not accept examination of direct request from citizen's. When you have a problem, please refer to Health and Welfare Center of each ward office.
  • As for the opinion about municipal administration, please see page of public hearing.

In the case of inquiry, please let know the name, contact information, place of residence (the Yokohama city or the suburbs) as far as it is possible.

In addition, we handle content that you inquired statistically in this office and will use for the purpose of performing offers of information and service to citizen's all of you. In addition, the handling, answer will use the name and contact information that had you fill out only for reply purpose to necessary inquiry severely in Yokohama City Inst. of Health.
As for wearing the one for public announcement of contents which individual can identify and purpose diplomatic delegation, there are none entirely.

Inquiry over telephone

  • Top page (general receptionist) 045-370-8460
  • Institute for health summary 045-370-8460
  • Yokohama-shi infectious disease information center 045-370-9237
  • Health information 045-370-9237
  • Food hygiene information 045-370-9451
  • Life hygiene information 045-370-9451
  • Pharmaceutical information 045-370-9451
  • Inspection information monthly report 045-370-9237

Inquiry by fax

  • 045-370-8462

Inquiry by E-mail

Inquiry to this page

Health and Social Welfare Bureau institute for health infectious disease, epidemiology Information Systems Section

Telephone: 045-370-9237

Telephone: 045-370-9237

Fax: 045-370-8462

E-Mail address [email protected]

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