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The number of patients change according to disease per report fixed point to see by graph

Last update date August 6, 2020

The latest trendy situation in Yokohama-shi understands that we click each infectious disease name. "The number of patients per fixed point" of graph is the mean of the number of patients reported from patient fixed point (constant score refers to the number of the distinction fixed point medical institutions about medical institution having you report the patient outbreak situation every week).

For example, it is medical institution of fixed point that says number of patients "1.00" per fixed point for influenza and is that patient of an average of one influenza had a medical examination a week.

Influenza fixed point infectious disease

Pediatrics fixed point infectious disease

Ophthalmology fixed point infectious disease

Graph according to infectious disease


Change according to influenza week

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Respiratory syncytial virus infectious disease

Change according to respiratory syncytial virus infectious disease week

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Pharyngoconjunctival fever

Change according to pharyngoconjunctival fever week

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A group hemolysis-related streptococcus pharyngitis

Change according to A group hemolysis-related streptococcus pharyngitis week

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Infectious gastroenteritis

Change according to infectious gastroenteritis week

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Change according to chickenpox week

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Hand-foot-and-mouth disease

Change according to hand-foot-and-mouth disease week

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Erythema infectiosum

Change according to erythema infectiosum week

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Cataplectic rash

Change according to cataplectic rash week

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Pertussis (until 2017 52 weeks)

Change according to pertussis week

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Change according to herpangina week

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Epidemic parotitis

Change according to epidemic parotitis week

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Acute hemorrhagic conjunctivitis

Change according to acute hemorrhagic conjunctivitis week

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Epidemic keratoconjunctivitis

Change according to epidemic keratoconjunctivitis week

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