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To reduce indoor harmful chemical substance concentration

Last update date March 4, 2019

Are you worried about "air of room?"

In late years from that built house, and purchased with "with much effort even if enter the new home, bad-smelling, but is strong stimulation on eyes and nose" though "have become sick, consultations to "be worried influence on health" which should do what" increase. Such a case may be caused by chemical substances in room air environment.
Here, we explain that we are careful about house just after entering after chemical substance polluting air of curious room, basic way of thinking of building a house to reduce indoor harm chemical substance levels, new construction, the reform.

  • Modern people spend most at life time in either room
  • Inflow of fresh air to building decreased, and airtightness increased for indoor thermal insulation
  • The use of chemical substance to construction materials or upholstery advanced, and opportunities of room air pollution occurrence increased

Old house

Image of old house

The present house

Image of the present house

Choice of appropriate materials

  • Radiation of harmful chemical substance uses little construction materials
  • When you must use building materials which harmful chemical substance may radiate, construction materials, we reduce consumption as much as possible

Appropriate construction

  • We construct building materials, construction materials definitely
  • We set term of works when we considered good self-care, dry period enough

Ventilation, consideration to the ventilation

  • We make a plan in consideration of placement and layout of effective window which we can ventilate
  • We secure appropriate amount of ventilation

It is expected that radiation of chemical substance may be high after the new construction for a while. When ventilation throws not only window but also indoor doors open and secures the ventilation, it is effective. Still please talk about "we smell strong" with Health and Welfare Center when "eyes sting" learned symptom to "feel thirst in throat".

-Reference materials -

(1) Healthy house society: Design, construction guidelines for room air pollution abatement, house, building energy saving mechanism, 1998.
(2) Healthy house society: User Manual for room air pollution abatement, house, building energy saving mechanism, 1998.
(3) Nishi-ku, Yokohama-shi: Nishi Ward Yu Yu house guideline, City of Yokohama, Nishi Ward to be embarrassed by, 1997.

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