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Main chemical substance which pollutes indoor air

Last update date September 24, 2019

Various things were thought about for chemical substance which polluted air of the house room, but devised the room levels guideline level about formaldehyde in June, 1997 with it was Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare. We receive results of the later fact-finding, and method for measurement of each material in room air is set of guideline level about toluene, 13 kinds of volatile organic compounds (VOC) including xylene now in total. Even if Homo sapiens took in air of the density from scientific knowledge to modify the toxicity available at present with indoor density guideline level for life, harmful influence on health calculated value that it was judged not to receive.
(from Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare Web page quotation (2019.09.24) (the outside site)

○ The indoor density of volatile organic compounds guideline level

Table. The indoor density of volatile organic compounds guideline level
Volatile organic compoundsIndoor density guideline level *Toxic index of guideline level
(0.08 ppm)
Stimulation to nasopharynx mucous membrane in human inhalational revelation
(0.07 ppm)
Influence on nerve action function in human inhalational revelation and reproduction occurrence
(0.05 ppm)
Influence on central nervous system by long time occupation revelation in Homo sapiens
(0.04 ppm)
Influence on liver in oral beagle revelation and kidney
(0.88 ppm)
Influence on liver in mouse and rat inhalational revelation and kidney
(0.05 ppm)
Influence on brain and liver in rat inhalational revelation
But in the case of children,
Influence on nerve development of newborn baby in mother rat oral revelation and morphologic influence on newborn baby brain
Phthalate the-n-butyl17μg/m³
Influence about rat reproduction, outbreak toxicity
(0.04 ppm)
Influence on liver in rat oral revelation of C₈-C₁₆ mixture
It is kishiru to phthalate the-2-ethyl100μg/m³
(6.3ppb) **
Influence on rat male genital systems
Die horse mackerel non0.29μg/m³
Influence on plasma in rat inhalational revelation and red blood cell choline esterase activity
(0.03 ppm)
Of rat pass; influence on nasal cavity sense of smell epithelium in the respiratory tract revelation
Feh knob Caleb33μg/m³
Influence on choline esterase activity in rat oral revelation

* In the case of 25 degrees Celsius, conversion of both units stops by.
** There are a large number of documents levels such as 1.3 X 10⁻⁵Pa (25 degrees Celsius) - 8.6 X 10⁻⁴Pa (20 degrees Celsius) about vapor pressure of phthalate the-2-ethyl hexyl, and these conversion levels are 0.12 - 8.5ppb equivalency each.

○ About total volatile organic compounds (TVOC)

We assume TVOC tentativeness target value of indoor air quality 400μg/m³ in Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare. It is decided value, and this number is expected that to use as a guide of state of the room air quality and is used from result of indoor VOC fact-finding of domestic house reasonably as far as it is low as far as it is achievable. As TVOC tentativeness target value was not decided from toxicologic knowledge, there is not concern about healthy influence in all of included materials. In addition, it is said that it must be treated with individual VOC guideline level independently.
(from Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare Web page quotation (2019.09.24) (the outside site)

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