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Suicide measures

Last update date June 26, 2019

The number of the Japanese suicides rises more than 8,000 at one sweep in 1998 and exceeds 30,000, and still high standard continues. We planned prevention of suicide by promoting suicide measures generally all over the country in October, 2006, and "suicide measures fundamental law" was enforced to plan enhancement of support for relatives of suicide in total. In addition, based on this law, "suicide synthesis measures general rules" were devised as guideline of suicide measures that the government should promote in June, 2007, and review was performed in August, 2012. Suicide measures Liaison Conference in the Yokohama city hall is installed from September, 2007 by close cooperation and cooperation in agency which is concerned with suicide measures in Yokohama-shi to plan promotion of suicide measures.

In general rules, one of the present key measures to prevent suicide includes, "we clarify the actual situation of suicide". In Yokohama City Inst. of Health, we offer the current situation of suicide that vital statistics could analyze to liaison conference positively and want to contribute to citizen through WEB page.

The actual situation (2007 ...) of suicide in Yokohama-shi

We analyze vital statistics and suicide statistics of the police in response to request from health consultation center of Yokohama-shi heart from 2008. About the following information, we get the consent of health consultation center of Yokohama-shi heart and publish.

Analysis (... 2006) that we carried out in Yokohama City Inst. of Health

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