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About fetal alcohol syndrome (FAS)

Last update date November 8, 2019

It is ... with fetal alcohol syndrome (FAS)

It is known that fetus may be affected by alcohol because pregnant mother drinks habitually. Fetal alcohol syndrome (FAS: fetal alcohol syndrome) is one of the influence. Fetal alcohol syndrome (FAS) is one of the causes of mind development delay and inborn character abnormality of child. By fetal alcohol syndrome (FAS), obstacle, obstacle of the central nervous system of look and growth that small eyes (short palpebral fissure), thin upper lip are characteristic of child are seen. We may hold problem in learning, memory, continuation, communication of attention, seeing or hearing.
All of diagnostic criteria of fetal alcohol syndrome (FAS) does not meet, but, after all, alcohol-related nerve developmental disability (ARND: alcohol-related neurodevelopmental disorder) and alcohol-related inborn character abnormality (ARBD: alcohol-related birth defects) may be seen in child whom fetus was born of under the influence of alcohol. Abnormality of action and acknowledgement is seen for alcohol-related neurologic developmental disability (ARND). Learning failure and impulsive action may be seen. Difficulties may be seen by mathematics, memory, attention, judgment. By alcohol-related inborn character abnormality (ARBD), abnormality may be seen for heart, kidney, bone, hearing.
According to the survey by CDC (Center for Disease Control and Prevention) of America, 2 - 15 children of fetal alcohol syndrome (FAS: fetal alcohol syndrome) are born about birth of 10,000 people in some areas of America. In addition, it is thought that it is outbreak frequency of about 3 times of fetal alcohol syndrome (FAS) about obstacle or abnormality in conjunction with alcohol revelation for the fetuses period such as alcohol-related nerve developmentally disabled (ARND) and alcohol-related inborn character abnormality (ARBD).

It is ... for the prevention of fetal alcohol syndrome (FAS)

As pregnant mother does not drink, can prevent fetal alcohol syndrome (FAS). It will prevent you from recommending alcohol to woman with possibility of the pregnancy at pregnant mother and present. Understanding and support of pregnant mother and neighboring people for woman with possibility of the pregnancy not drinking now are important. Neighboring people can cooperate with pregnant mother and environment creation which woman with possibility of the pregnancy does not need to drink now.
When pregnant mother drinks, alcohol is absorbed from the stomach and intestines and we enter blood and arrive at fetus. When mother drinks, fetus will drink, too. It is important that pregnant mother does not drink not to let fetus drink.
We drink during the pregnancy, and quantity of safe alcohol is not known. Therefore American Pediatrics association recommends that they cut off alcohol for during the pregnancy or woman who is going to become pregnant.

References ...

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