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Inflection of health statistical data

Last update date March 5, 2019

It is helpful when we process health statistical data such as vital statistics materials to grasp local characteristic and problems. Here, we provide information about inflection of health statistical data.

How to use health statistical data

  • How to use health statistical data
    We give viewpoint and precaution when we use statistical data.
  • Characteristic of health index
    About representative health index, we give characteristic.
  • Guide United Nations E.C.E. guidebook temporary reason (the outside site) to express statistics(Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications Statistics Bureau, Statistical Research and Training Institute homepage)
    We publish guidebook entitled (Making Data Meaningful) to support that manager and the spokesperson of statistics organization tell general people by statistics using sentence, statistical table, graph, map clearly in United Nations E.C.E. (United Nations Economic Commission for Europe, UNECE) "to be significant by data". In Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications Statistics Bureau, we get approval from the UNECE secretariat and make the temporary version and publish in homepage.

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