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About metabolic syndrome (metabolic syndrome)

Last update date March 18, 2019

When lifestyle-related diseases such as diabetes, high blood pressure, hyperlipidemia lacks in subjective symptoms, and they pass without a lot of cases that do not have big problem in everyday life just improving lifestyle, it is disease that is at increased risk for progressing for stroke and myocardial infarction, other seriously ill complications (in the case of diabetes artificial dialysis or loss of eyesight).

In late years, as for these lifestyle-related diseases patients and person (spare group) of state of the one step this side, the internal organs obesity, hyperglycosemia, high blood pressure, state of high fat blood often repeated, and it became clear that the onset risk of stroke and myocardial infarction was higher as for such people.

Therefore, overlap importance that is in a state of these states attracts attention at home and abroad, and it was announced, but concept called syndrome X, fourfold range of death will arrest for way of thinking that regarded pathologic overlap of these as important as disease concept called "metabolic syndrome" by metabolic syndrome diagnostic criteria Exploratory Committee which we installed by 8 association combination including the Japanese Society of Internal Medicine in April, 2005 (Heisei 17).

Therefore, in country, we oblige medical examination, health instruction that paid its attention to metabolic syndrome from 2008 to insurer and by carrying out effective health instruction, will aim at decrease of person of pertinence of metabolic syndrome, spare group.

In addition to securing of health, lifestyle-related diseases prevention is regarded as important for medical expenses decrease.

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