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Last update date August 25, 2020

We introduce WEB page providing Yokohama-shi and national statistical data.

  • Age-specific population (by population by estimate)
    Population by estimate is population that modified birth, death, transference cases based on age-specific population of the latest national census. We added up population based on national census result by estimate according to age. Other than each age, count according to 5 years old rank, we publish count, the average age according to 3 division of under 15 years old (juvenile population), 15-64 years old (productive population), 65 years or older (aged population). It is annual update by current count every year for January 1.
  • Vital statistics of Yokohama-shi and each ward
    We processed vital statistics information placed in "Yokohama-shi health statistics annual report" (former: Yokohama-shi hygiene annual report statistics, information edition) in Yokohama City Inst. of Health infectious disease, the epidemiology Information Systems Section. We can obtain statistics information such as birth, the death, the marriage.
  • Statistics information portal(window of statistics information of Yokohama-shi)
    It is site placing various statistics information of Yokohama-shi in. We search according to the fields, keywords, distinction, town and village and can obtain.
  • Yokohama-shi health statistics annual report
    Population dynamics, etc. in Yokohama-shi, medical facilities statistics, hospital report statistics are published.
  • Hospital, general clinics , dental clinic list in Yokohama-shi
    It is medical institution list in Yokohama-shi.
  • Statistics data portal site (the outside site)(general counter of government figures)
    We can search statistics information that ministry of each prefecture of country has jurisdiction over.
  • Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare statistics findings (the outside site)(Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare WEB page)
    We can get information about main statistics investigation which Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare such as vital statistics, life table, the people's life basics investigation, patient investigation has jurisdiction over.
  • Statistics Bureau, policy unification official, Statistical Research and Training Institute (the outside site)(Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications Statistics Bureau WEB page)
    We can obtain information about main statistics investigation which Statistics Bureau such as national census and labour force survey has jurisdiction over. In addition, think piece about inflection methods of Japanese statistics systems and statistics result is published, too.
  • National Institute of Population and Social Security Research WEB page (the outside site)
    We can obtain information such as population or social security statistics by estimate in the future when we calculated in National Institute of Population and Social Security Research.
  • Page (the outside site) of index statistics of the public welfare
    We can get data of "page, Monthly of statistics" publishing in population by estimate and the main cause of death statistics, the monthly "index of the public welfare" latest issue such as the number of patients of hospital according to the metropolis and districts.

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