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Health information

Last update date December 3, 2019

It is collection of healthy health data in conjunction with Yokohama-shi.

  • About inflection of health statistical data
    It is helpful when we process health statistical data such as vital statistics materials to grasp local characteristic and problems.
    Here, we provide information about inflection of health statistical data.
  • Collection of health statistics data
    Data of Yokohama-shi or the information provides provided link about the basics information that are used well when we process provided health index and statistical data from existing statistical data mainly.
  • Statistics collection of links
    It is collection of data about Yokohama-shi for master who gathered the rough death rate, the age adjustment death rate, the basics information such as the national census population and people's life basics investigation used for processing about existing health index and statistical data such as average life span.
    We introduce WEB page providing Yokohama-shi and national statistical data.

We offer topic about health information such as alcohol and cigarette, BMI calculation.

We update in the summer.

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