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Organization, duties introduction

Last update date November 11, 2019


Management section

Infectious disease, epidemiology Information Systems Section

Examination of microbe study section

Examination for physics and chemistry study section

Management section

Administration Section

  • We perform general affairs (the personnel affairs labor, the accounting, maintenance of government building, facility) about our research institute.
  • We collect fees such as examinations for pay.
  • We perform contact, adjustment such as local institute for health whole country meetings.
  • Of our research instituteVisit to facility (product for all of the groups)We accept this.
  • Of Yokohama City Inst. of HealthEthic screening committeeWe run this.

Precision management, planning staff

  • Of inspectionSecuring of reliabilityFor each inspection organization and removal section of station ward which Health and Social Welfare Bureau has jurisdiction over as head of section, we carry out internal check and precision management.
  • We hold once a yearWe released institute for health facilityWe run of this.
  • We perform report (open call for participants of research theme, administration of evaluation Committee including administrative examination committee member, the choice of problem, evaluation of results of research) of various research that staff of institute for health carries out.
  • We gather kadaijikomikatakenshu (the training instruction that we made use of specialty of institute for health in to solve problem that the community health-related staff had) and support related organizations such as ward Health and Welfare Center.
  • The Health and Social Welfare Bureau staff, each ward Health and Welfare Center staff perform planning and coordination such as hygiene skull session that featured the theme of contemporary topic targeting at the community health-related staff.
  • As for the inspection technology training or the epidemiology training for student learning public sanitation or overseas intern and community health-affiliated workers, it is (The training permission application (PDF: 48KB)We coordinate).

Infectious disease, epidemiology Information Systems Section

Infectious disease information charge

  • As Yokohama-shi infectious disease information center, we grasp the style ⾏ situation of infectious disease in the city, and ⾏ is in ⽣ pulse-taking from infectious disease for the purpose of taking precise prophylaxis in cooperation with slight ⽣ thing inspection study section and Health and Social Welfare Bureau health security part health security section. In addition, we collect information of infectious disease established in law and report to country.
  • We collect infectious disease patient information that we received from patient fixed point medical institution of 208 city and provide information about infectious disease on the Internet targeting at ⾏ i, city ⺠, medical facilities by analysis in infectious disease committee by ei ⽣ research institute, Health and Social Welfare Bureau and expert.
  • There is ⾏ by research about infectious disease.

Epidemiology information charge

  • We support epidemic survey analysis (questionary survey, existing data analysis or business evaluation) in the field of healthy welfare of ward station and by enabling measure planning and the evaluation based on accurate grounds, contribute to improvement of civic life.
  • We provide health information including ⽣ live custom disease to all of city ⺠ by the Internet.
  • Editing, hatsu ⾏ is doing ⽉ "inspection information ⽉ report" which gathered examination for a lot of ⾏ tta results at our research institute.
  • ⾏ is in luck ⽤ of online information retrieval system and online catalog system in our research institute to push forward examination of examination, research smoothly.
  • There is ⾏ in research about infectious disease, epidemiology information and the training to the health medical care welfare person concerned.

Examination of microbe study section

Bacteria charge

  • ⾏ is in investigation of the hatsu ⽣ situation by infectious disease to be caused for bacteria such as enterohemorrhagic Escherichia coli and inspection that is addicted to ⾷ and share ⼦ epidemiological analysis.
  • We fit and inspect, and ⾏ is by disease-causing germs pollution field survey in ⾷ product, bacteria inspection and fungus inspection of complaint ⾷ product bacteria standard standard of ⾷ product.
  • As part of ⽣ pulse-taking business from infectious disease of country, ⾏ is by bacterial infectious disease, examination of examination of drug resistant bacteria.
  • We perform examination of bacteria of living environment water such as drinking water, well water, pool water, bathhouse water (inspection such as the Legionella genus bacteria, general bacteria, Escherichia coli, coliform bacterium).
  • We conduct research in conjunction with examination of above-mentioned bacteria.

Virus charge

  • Inspect examination for infectious disease to get up for viruses such as influenza or measles, rubella as ⼀ ring of ⽣ pulse-taking business from infectious disease of country and research, in normal, is role ⽴ teimasu for outbreak situation grasp and prediction at the time of the fashion, drug resistance variation monitoring, diagnosis, laboratory procedure improvement.
  • ⾏ is by viral infectious gastroenteritis and inspection that is addicted to ⾷, HIV confirmed infection inspection and HIV drug resistance inspection in AIDS patient to be caused by roe deer Lota adenoviruses.
  • We perform virus possession inspection of mosquito which prevents, and transmits dengue fever for correspondence at outbreak of infectious disease that mosquito transmits, surveillance investigation.
  • In late years ⾏ is by examination inspection about MERS- coronavirus becoming problem, SFTS virus, ⾼ pathogenicity ⿃ influenza virus as Xinxing, revival infectious disease.
  • We conduct research in conjunction with examination of above-mentioned virus.

Medicine animal charge

  • We let ⼈ cause disease and give ⼈ discomfort, and ⾏ is by alien substance of food and examination inspection, research about kon ⾍, tick, mouse that it is, examination inspection to decide with types such as ki ⽣⾍ and those ⽣ states and prevention.
  • Particularly, as infectious disease measures to happen by being bitten by mosquito, we capture mosquito in the city parks and perform mosquitoes habitation situation investigation.

Examination for physics and chemistry study section

Food additive charge

About food or container circulating in Yokohama-shi, we perform inspection adapting to standard standard or standard of indication that Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare establishes.

  • We perform inspection about food additive such as preservatives, coloring agent, anti-oxidant, sweetener, bleaching agent in food.
  • We examine standards such as tableware, toy, casing.
  • We inspect biotech food for soybean, farm products such as corn and the artefact.
  • We inspect allergic materials such as milk, egg, wheat, side, peanut.
  • We inspect complaint product about alien substance and different taste, bad smell in food which citizen reported to Health and Welfare Center.
  • We conduct research about the inspection mentioned above.

A very small amount of pollutant charge

We perform inspection, studies such as various toxic substances of food.

  • Examination for pesticide residue
We inspect for domestic farm products, farm import of the city distribution and frozen foods (farm products).
  • Examination for pharmaceutical products for animal
Remaining to food of pharmaceutical products for animal used for the purpose of disease prevention and treatment or fatting makes problem and inspects for *suisanshokuhin of city distribution and inter-- net purchase product.
  • Examination for food contamination material
 Examination for 1 PCB
 We inspect fish which arrived at the Central Wholesale Market for PCB which became problem by Kanemi Rice-Oil yusho case.
 Examination for 2 aflatoxin
 We inspect kind true kind, spice of the city distribution.

Environmental chemical person in charge

  • In cooperation with Health and Social Welfare Bureau and Health and Welfare Center, we perform inspection for cause investigation of inspection and complaint, accident of the quality of the water based on standard of water about living environment water such as drinking water, well water and pool water, bathhouse water.
  • We research chemical substance in conjunction with hygiene and safety of water.
  • In cooperation with Health and Social Welfare Bureau and each ward Health and Welfare Center, we perform overhaul of volatile organic compounds (VOC) of causative agent and room airs of sickhouse in sickhouse measures business.
  • We perform inspection for VOC of public building to study causes for facility beyond indoor density guideline level.
  • We conduct research about examination and the actual situation grasp of assay of indoor environment pollutant causing sickhouse.
  • We inspect radioactive material of food.

Pharmaceutical affair, household goods charge

  • About pharmaceutical products, unregulated drug, cosmetics sold in drugstore, drugstore, we perform examination for ingredient standard and research to secure quality.
  • Pharmaceutical products are added and perform inspection and research of no approval unlicensed drug which we may mix.
  • We examine based on "law about regulation of household goods including toxic substance" (the abbreviated to household goods regulation method) and inspect for 21 kinds of chemical substances (formaldehyde, dieldrin, methanol, organomercurial, azo compound) included in household goods such as textiles such as clothes sold in Yokohama-shi, spray product, cleaner, paint, adhesive to prevent health hazard.
  • Regulation of azo compound (azo dye generating specific aromatic amine easily) began in 2016 targeting at textiles, leather products newly.
  • We conduct research about harmful chemical substance included in household goods.

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