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The training instruction

Last update date November 11, 2019

We carry out the training instruction to be concerned with hygiene to follow citizen's health in institute for health, and to be able to live a reliable life by security.

The training

  • The training about inflection of data such as hygiene statistics for the Health and Welfare Center staff
  • The training about infectious disease development pulse-taking for the Health and Welfare Center staff
  • The hygiene watchman training for the staff who became hygiene watchman by new adoption and transfer newly
  • The inspection technology training for community health-related worker, student learning public sanitation, overseas intern and staff of other local governments or staff of private office


We teach the training that we made use of the specialty in in institute for health to solve problem that the examination for market food hygiene place staff and the community health-related staff have.

Lecturer dispatch

As part of the training instruction that is function of institute for health, we dispatch the staff as lecturer of workshop for citizens such as members of consumer life promotion workshop of staff of lecturers of nursing school such as the chairperson of various academic conferences or editorial board member of learned journal, other municipality again.

Hygiene skull session

Because the Health and Social Welfare Bureau staff, each ward Health and Welfare Center staff provide latest information or knowledge, technique to affect public sanitation targeting at the community health-related staff widely, we invite outside expert to lecturer and carry out lecture that did contemporary topic on theme every year.

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