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Last update date November 11, 2019

We carry out research to be concerned with hygiene to follow citizen's health in institute for health, and to be able to live a reliable life by security.

Research according to each section, charge

Infectious disease, epidemiology Information Systems Section

Examination of microbe study section

Examination for physics and chemistry study section

Studies that attracted attention

Result of research of institute for health contributes to reliable life by civic health promotion and security. Here, we introduce research taken up by the media.

Application type research

Because they reflect administrative needs in institute for health, and the prevention, prevention of health hazard or development, improvement of examination laboratory procedure solve improvement of health, medical care, the welfare, administration problem, we carry out application type research that did the staff such as each ward Health and Welfare Center and market food hygiene inspection places with coworker. We invite public participation for research theme in place and hold research evaluation committee meeting including administrative examination committee member and evaluate the choice and results of research of problem.

Ethic screening committee

Research to work on in Yokohama City Inst. of Health is ethical along purpose of ethic guideline (2014 Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology, Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare notification No. 3) about pro-medicine study for people, and ethic screening committee is installed to examine so that it is performed with scientific consideration appropriately.

About use of inspection data

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