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Research that each section, person in charge carries out

Last update date November 11, 2019

Infectious disease, epidemiology Information Systems Section

  • Grasp of infectious disease development trend including influenza and rubella in Yokohama-shi
  • Inspection of report contents of infectious disease development pulse-taking and original system
  • Epidemic survey analysis (questionnaire support that ward station carries out) in the field of healthy welfare
  • Medical examination data analysis of member such as association kempo
  • Heat stroke first aid conveyance information, analysis of existing data including the number of the death according to the cause of death

Examination of microbe study section

Bacteria charge

  • Examination about the gene detection method such as toxin by the PCR method and bacteria
  • Analysis of molecular epidemiology of separation bacteria
  • Bacteriological epidemiological analysis about drug resistant bacteria
  • Causative micro-organisms of food poisoning pollution investigation in food
  • Bacteriological epidemiological analysis of tubercle bacillus
  • Examination of quick laboratory procedure of the Legionella genus bacteria
  • Research about the infection prevention of Legionella symptom in bathhouse facility

Virus charge

  • Analysis of molecular epidemiology of separation, the detection virus in infectious disease development pulse-taking business
  • Research about influenza virus, loose bowels virus, mosquito-mediated infectious disease virus, HIV
  • Infectious disease virus surveillance using environmental water and research about this

Medicine animal charge

  • Research about life and prevention of cockroach
  • Research about infectious disease-mediated class arthropoda
  • Research about parasite in food

Examination for physics and chemistry study section

Food additive charge

  • Study on development, improvement of food additive analysis in food
  • Use fact-finding of food additive in food
  • Study on survival and behavior of food additive in food
  • Study on detection of alien substance, bad smell in food
  • Study on detection of biotech food
  • Study on detection of food containing allergic material
  • Study on chemical substance to elute from containers and packaging and toy
  • Study on vegetable naturally occurring poison
  • Study on nonvolatile putrefaction amine

A very small amount of pollutant charge

  • Study on quick analysis of pesticide residue in farm products
  • Study on pesticide residue in farm products and decomposition product
  • Fact-finding of pollutant in fishery products
  • Study on analysis of aflatoxin in food
  • Study on analysis of pharmaceutical products for animal of *suisanshokuhinchu
  • Study on animal naturally occurring poison

Environmental chemical person in charge

  • Study about the quality of the water change of clean water processing process in water supply facility which assumes groundwater natural water
  • Public bath, study on quality of the water change of clean water processing process in bath ground facility
  • Study on laboratory procedure of the water supply method standard of water item
  • Tap water, research about the groundwater quality of the water
  • Research about the quality of the water about pool water for swimming, public bath water, beach water and laboratory procedure
  • Research about grasp of chemical substance in room air
  • Research about radiation source of chemical substance in room air
  • Study on radioactive material of food

Pharmaceutical affair, household goods charge

  • Study on so-called health food
  • Investigation about no approval unlicensed drug
  • Study on laboratory procedure of chemical substance of household goods
  • Research about chemical substance in household goods

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