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Information for hospitalization

Last update date June 25, 2020

The stroke, nerve backbone center has 300 beds of beds as stroke, nerve disease, the backbone spinal cord disease and special hospital of rehabilitation and acts for high medical offer of quality for patient, support to smooth comeback to normal life.


General inquiry about hospitalization, please call to regional alliances synthesis counselor's office.
Reception hours: Weekdays (17:15 from 8:45)
Telephone: 045-753-2500 (main)

About procedure

If the date and time of hospitalization are decided, I will inform on the telephone. Please set up thing which is necessary by the day of the hospitalization.
On the day of the hospitalization, come to hospitalization reception desk on the first floor by time when was appointed.
At hospitalization reception desk, please show patient's card Shinryo-ken , health insurance card, various Medical Certificate, hospitalization application.
We may cancel hospitalization without being come on day of admission when was appointed when there is not any contact.

About sickroom

At our hospital, ward, sickroom, family doctor is changed depending on the recovery situation.
Bedclothing necessary for hospitalization will prepare at our hospital.
General sickroom is four room.
When we received explanation of hospitalization, please consult with admission reception counter about person wanting private room.
In the case of the use, please pay private room rate.

In addition, please note that you may not meet requirements.

About meal

Mealtime is breakfast 8:00, lunch 12:00, dinner 18:00.
Place of meal is restaurant or day room.
It becomes diet depending on condition. In addition, please obey instructions of the medical attendant and nurse as meal may be limited by type of treatment and inspection.
Person with consultation, please call the medical attendant and nurse about meal.

About medical treatment, nursing

As nursing staff does hospitalized care, we do not need attendant. In addition, please consult with doctor or nurse when attendance is hoped for family by conditions.
Going out when is stayed out, please receive permission of doctor beforehand by all means.
Please consult with staff of center if you have any questions.

About in-hospital facilities

Stand, barber shop, vending machine, bank ATM (Bank of Yokohama) are on the first floor.
In each ward, card-type TV, refrigerator are comprised in telephone corner, card-type laundry (washing room), each sickroom.
Please purchase prepaid card on the use with card-type apparatus in the restaurant of 3th-5th floors.

About the hospitalization fee

Medical Affairs Division accounts reception desk on the first floor, it is basement first aid outpatient department reception desk on overtime, holiday on weekdays and treats payment of the hospitalization fee at 17:00 from 8:30 on weekdays.
The hospitalization fees are calculated by the employee health insurance method, the securing of elderly person medical care method. When contents of health insurance card have change, please connect with accounts window.
Please pay prescribed rate on the use in private room. (consumption tax to include)

Private room list of charges
Applicable ward The fee for use
(day's sum)
Main incidental facilities
The fifth floor 22,000 yen Restroom, washstand, mini-kitchen, reception set, TV, refrigerator, locker
The fifth floor of 3,4, 16,500 yen Restroom, washstand, TV, refrigerator, locker

Everyday life grade has you bring in.
In addition, deposit for hospitalization is unnecessary.
Any unclear points, please refer to Medical Affairs Division accounts reception desk for expenses.
Telephone: 045-753-2500 (main)

About medical consultation

Medical social-worker, the exclusive duty staff of nurse accept so that medical care can help from welfare-like position about patient and various consultation of family to happen with hospitalization and going to hospital. Consultation is free.

About belonging


・Patient's card Shinryo-ken
・Health insurance card
・Various Medical Certificate
・Discharge certificate, nursing summary (ex-Emperor transference)
・Prescription notebook
・Including pacemaker notebook (person you have)
・Information for hospitalization (booklet)
・Hospitalization application


・Night clothes (pajamas, jinhei, filler) ※Rental yu
・We wear every day (in jersey bottom, T-shirt) ※Rental yu
・Apron for meal ※Rental yu
・We put on gown or the top


・Towel (bath towel, face towel) ※Rental yu
・Dentures tool (dentures container, cleaner)
・Toiletries (including glass, toothbrush, washbowl, shampoo, body soap, electric shaver)
・Writing utensils
・Bag (two pieces) to put laundry in
・Medicine which you are taking now

About rental

Night clothes, arrival at daily life, apron, towel for meal rent for a fee.
We will demand charge with the hospitalization fee.

List of rental products
Contents Rate (tax-included) per day
Night clothes (pajamas, jinhei, filler, yukata), towel (bath towel face towel) 480 yen
Arrival at daily life (jersey top and bottom, T-shirt), night clothes (pajamas, jinhei, filler, yukata), towel (bath towel face towel) 750 yen
Apron for meal 80 yen

※When night clothes, arrival at daily life, apron, towel for meal are brought, I would like preparations for necessary number of sheets depending on frequency of meeting.
※Case with thing which is necessary for operations will inform separately.
※To private properties of bringing, please fill in the name by all means.
※Please do not have electric appliances such as valuables and a large amount of cash, TV or PC.
Please note that you cannot take the responsibility at all at our hospital by any chance even if theft, loss happens. Please give me personal belongings on minimum.


・As a general rule, agency of telephone does not do, but tells that there was a phone call.
・Hospitalized drinking cannot smoke.
・Thing about medical treatment, please follow doctor, explanation of nurse.
・When we trouble another person, and there is act to rough up, and to disturb order of hospital, we may have you leave the hospital.
・At our hospital, we accept trainees such as nursing student or medical tech job including resident. As we may take charge of hospitalized patient to learn relation with patient through the training and training, we would appreciate your understanding.
・Presents to the staff are not accepted firmly.

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