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Information of meeting

Information of meeting

Last update date February 27, 2020

※It is limiting meeting now. For more details, it is this

Visiting hour is as follows.

The visiting hours
Visiting dayThe visiting hours
Holiday (Saturdays, Sundays and holidays)10:00-20:00

Reception desk places of meeting are as follows.

Reception desk place of meeting
Reception desk timeReception desk place
The daytime (until 17:00) on weekdaysMeeting reception desk on the first floor
The night and holidayThe first-floor Disaster Control Center
※We come to the hospital by car (use of parking lot)The second-floor elevator hall under the ground

  1. You meet and accept meeting, and please receive batch for meeting.
    Please attach batch for meeting with outstanding place.
  2. Please call out to nurse before entering sickroom if we arrive at ward.
  3. We hope that it is not a nuisance to other patients. Please refrain from a large number of meetings at a time.
  4. By condition of patient, you shorten visiting hour, and please note that I may decline.
  5. Our center is non-smoking in site. Please refrain from smoking of meeting. In addition, please refrain from eating and drinking in sickroom.

As a general rule, in our center, we do not answer inquiry of presence of hospitalization with telephone for privacy protection of patient.
We would appreciate your understanding.

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