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Scoliosis, spinal column heteromorphic foreign guidance

Last update date June 16, 2020

Scoliosis preoperative X-rays image

When we saw like upper image with scoliosis from the front, we turn laterally (scoliosis) and are in a state that torsion (rotation) of vertebral body is accompanied more.
Unilateral ribs become in the letter of lump when we suffer from scoliosis, and difference of shoulder of right and left and scapular height is outstanding, and waistline becomes unsymmetrically.

Idiopathic scoliosis

There are various things in cause of scoliosis, but thing most frequent in that is idiopathy scoliosis. Idiopathy means that unidentified.
In swaddling bands (under 3 years old), the infancy (3 years old - 10 years old), we are classified in puberty (after 10 years old) and, at time to develop, mainly occur (from the infant latter half) in puberty.
Most of transformation progress without being delayed and wake up surface problem and waist, back ache and respiratory organs, circulatory organ disorder when aggravated.
Of case and progress that became clear early when is gentle, prevent progression with harness. When torsion of degree and spinal column of curvature is big, it becomes adaptation of correction by operation. Big scoliosis of curvature only progresses after growth every year, and this is because it is for denaturation scoliosis high in the future.

Scoliosis postoperative X-rays image

Early checkup and early treatment intervention by specialist are important for scoliosis. It has already become clear in various studies by exercises, chiropractic, folk remedy not to become good. Curious person, please consult scoliosis, spinal column transformation outpatient of our hospital casually.

Operation example of idiopathic scoliosis

The backbone is greatly twisted in S-shape by all backbone X-rays of idiopathic scoliosis.
We become honest by spinal column scoliosis correction from the rear.

Diagnosis of scoliosis

In comparison with other backbone spinal cord diseases, specialized knowledge and technique, experience are necessary for diagnosis for scoliosis and treatment.
All backbone X-rays are required about diagnosis, but it is important that in these days becoming subject of concern that health hazard by radioactive exposure is serious particularly children reduce X-rays imaging even to scoliosis health check-up as radiosensitivity is higher than adult.
We introduce the backbone, waist, radiography device "sterEOS imaging system" which can evaluate form, sequence of hip joint for the first time (in the country the third plane) in the prefecture and we let radiation dose fall to lower than 1/10 of conventional radiography, 1/20-1/170 of CT shooting in this device and, at our hospital, can photograph all spinal columns.

As we can diagnose type, progress condition of curvature by low being bombed by the latest image inspection to say of this EOS surely, it is useful for decision of treatment policy very much.

Adult spinal column transformation

About denaturing scoliosis, denaturation kyphoscoliosis, kyphosis, waist curve, it is generic name of spinal column transformation of of adulthood, the elderly. We include scoliosis, kyphosis transformation with izanhenkei and kotsusosuseishitaikotsuori of idiopathic scoliosis.
In late years, by disease of tendency to increase, spinal column transformation progresses and presents intractable low back pain and walk disorder by human trunk balance aggravation with aging society. Spinal column transformation that progressed of the advanced age period does not have effective basic cure other than the operation treatment in the current situation.
If it is not awkward that symptom is light in everyday life in particular, kinesitherapy and follow-up are enough.
However, if there is not ③ support that is absent from work of ① kitchen for low back pain accompanied with waist curve as soon as you should arrive somewhere, and ② always walks elbow, you cannot walk, and please know that there is room for improvement by operation treatment without giving up if having a problem is with age.
Operation for former adult spinal column transformation had a big great invasion, and complications were frequent again. However, in late years safety, accuracy, correction rate improved by groundbreaking operation method drastically.

Operation example of adult spinal column transformation

Position of head did heni before operation laterally, and human trunk balance failed with waist curve.
Good spinal column was formed by operation, and walk disorder by poor human trunk balance was improved.

It presents high waist curve by lumbar vertebrae postoperative vertebral body bone fracture.
Good spinal column balance was got by operation and came to be able to walk.

Scoliosis, spinal column transformation is foreign and examines about not only scoliosis but also the whole, degenerative disease of spinal column transformation that vertebral body bone fracture and the backbone due to osteoporosis are warped.
We act as patient-based medical treatment for improvement in quality of life of patient using the prevention, conservative therapy, operation in motto. Please consult with scoliosis, spinal column heteromorphic outpatient of our hospital casually by all means.

Outpatient department conduct day

Every Tuesday, Thursday
※Please see information for consultation method (link in site) about foreign consultation.

Introduction of the staff

Dr. Masaru Yamada Takashi

The backbone spinal cord Surgery manager, Manager of backbone spinal cord disease center

Native place University

Yokohama City University

The graduation year


Specialized field

The backbone spinal cord Surgery

Specialized qualification

Japanese Orthopaedic surgery association specialist
Specialist in Japanese Orthopaedic surgery association backbone spinal cord disease authorization
Specialist in Japanese backbone spinal cord disease association instruction

Belonging academic conference

Japanese Orthopaedic surgery association
Japanese backbone spinal cord disease association
Scolioses association in Japan
Low back pain association in Japan (official journal of a scientific society review committee member)
Japanese insuturumenteshon association
Adult spinal column transformation association in Japan
The smallest invasion treatment academic conference (MIST association councilor)

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