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We held nerve incurable disease study session!

Last update date January 27, 2020

On Wednesday, January 22, we held "nerve incurable disease study session" targeting at the local welfare, medical service workers in we ring Yokohama.
Study session which focused on nerve incurable disease with high medical dependence as part of local inclusion care system support at our hospital,
We start in 2016 every year.

By double-feature program of lecture about the condition of a patient of overall this time nerve incurable disease becoming the fourth and role and utilization of area inclusion care ward
We sent.

About sign and correspondence method every outbreak mechanism and illness of incurable disease nerve in the first half Dr. Yosuke Kudo of our hospital cranial nerve Internal medicine,
We commented by slide with abundant illustration clearly.
By question, many questions including timing of shift of question in concrete case and breathing, nutrition management rise,
A participant who listened to answer to Dr. Kudo eagerly was seen.

Photograph of Dr. Kudo
Dr. Kudo who comments on one illness carefully each

About role and utilization method of inclusion care ward local in the latter half Chief Shinya Shinozaki in charge of our hospital regional alliances general counselor's office consultation,
We commented on flows of admission in model case in local inclusion care ward of our hospital.
Concrete question "is such a case available?" is finished from participant,
Size of expectation from area for local inclusion care ward was indicated.

Photograph of the whole venue
We had you participate toward 74 people in all

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