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We performed commemorative tree planting of the 20th anniversary of the opening of a Diet session.

Last update date November 29, 2019

We held commemorative tree planting type of the 20th anniversary of the opening of a Diet session and planted shidaremomiji on the rotary side of the hospital front the other day. We feel that it is that there is support of clinics and hospital, understanding of not only emergency services but also patient and local areas that was able to reach turning point of the 20th anniversary in this way. We thank some other time.
We planted American dogwood on the opening of a Diet session tenth anniversary. Afterwards, we started medical treatment of the backbone spinal cord disease and knee joint disease and extended function of hospital little by little. We are enriched by medical function in future and push forward contribution to community medicine and want to cope with various roles as public hospital.
"Maple" was chosen as a result that we purchased memorial tree for donation from the staff in this commemorative tree planting, and the staff voted what kind of tree you planted. (flower language of maple seems to have a meaning such as "beautiful change" "important memory".)
While it is watched in shidaremomiji which planted a tree, we aim at the 30th anniversary, the 50th anniversary and hospital personnel becomes "ONE TEAM" (one team) and wants to work on daily duties.
Thanks in advance for your help.

Mayor of hospital Satoru Saito line

Taking a ceremonial photograph after commemorative tree planting

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