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Civic lecture held "... 119th and early treatment ... when we suffered from stroke"!

Last update date October 28, 2019

On Saturday, October 19, you held stroke citizen lecture and, in spite of rain of the previous night, came toward 465 citizens.
In Part 1, jokurakenfukubyoincho titled saying "we apply to medical treatment system construction that stroke was new" and, about the maintenance situation of facility which treated establishment and stroke of Basic Law for stroke, cardiovascular disease measures, explained with the latest topic.

Photograph of Mayor of castle storehouse vice-hospital
Mayor of castle storehouse vice-hospital commenting on type of stroke

Short play by Isogo fire department emergency services and hospital personnel of Part 2 "stroke then you…We described father who fell down by stroke and mother who did emergency report, emergency services and the exchanges of doctor to rush to in "and told even if accompanied by correspondence in the right early days for person of stroke onset. We explained with humor including video about prophylaxis of stroke that we stood on short play in "the front line of stroke treatment" in lecture by treatment center length in Yasunobu Nakai blood vessel which continued and treatment in blood vessel clearly.

Photograph of short play
Short play "stroke then you…Dr. Nakai and house staff who play the one scene of "

We had impression "that short play was able to learn which "we were able to realize medical advance to hear the latest circumstances of treatment" clearly about FAST" by questionnaire.

Although the staff was a pleasure, by new approach called this short play, we were able to meet public performance after scenario making and preparations, drama exercise at fire department of tool. If even a little remains in memory of citizen's person who had you go to the theater, we are happy.

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