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Child adventure 2019 was held!

Last update date August 21, 2019

On Thursday, August 15, child adventure 2019 "hospital work experience tour" was held. There was application of what 560 on ten frames, and five lucky primary schoolchildren elected and five junior high students went around nutrition region, video diagnosis region, rehabilitation region, clinical engineering room, Banking Inspection Department, six branches of experiences of pharmacy in tour format.

We had impression that which "it was with state that strongly remained in impression at "genuine good opportunity to think about own future" when we seemed to work and were fun" was glad of experience that we used genuine medical equipment including operation of electric scalpel and real inspection equipment.

We had protectors become the part of subject of inspection experience and had you participate in experience with child pairwise. As you were able to be interested in the spot full of reality, state that asked the spot staff a question eagerly was founded.

Participation in planning to child adventure was the first attempt this year, but it was, and relations section, the type of job cooperated with team bullet from plan to preparations, tour conduct of the day and was able to finish public performance with smile of children safely.

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