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There was local summer festival!

Last update date August 6, 2019

We had summer festival of the best Neighborhood Association in local Takigashira on August 3 and 4, and, in intense heat, local pulled festival car and we carried omikoshi on our shoulder and came to consolation in our hospital.
Many people came, and brave shout to carry gorgeous drum and sound from a flute to sound from festival car, pretty voice, omikoshi of child mikoshi on its shoulder echoed in site of hospital, and it was at time lively at all. (thank you very much while all of best Neighborhood Association in Takigashira was hot.)

There was announcement of lion dance in front of the front entrance of hospital, and inpatient who came for visit had lion bite head and had you pray for perfect state of health.

It is usually duties that correspondence to come to as patient is important, but we interchange with local residents in this way and think that it is evidence accepted as hospital where local, we came from that has you support administration of hospital.

It was sincere and wanted to work on daily duties to continue being hospital chosen sequentially by all of local residents!

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