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We held daily nursing experience!

Last update date August 7, 2019

On Thursday, August 1, we held daily nursing experience, and eight high school students participated. Nurse observed figure which acted in ward and was able to talk with patient. In addition, as new approach this year, we experienced hand-washing in operating room.
In usual, sampling of hospital diet went, but it fell on opening of a Diet session memorial day on that day and was able to provide more gorgeous event food.
On the day most of eight people met each other for the first time, but when we returned, made friends, and what was tired from paths of house noisily was impressive.
We are going to hold daily nursing experience every year at this time. If high school student who will aim at nurse in the future comes by your family, acquaintance, please introduce by all means. High school students who read this blog in particular! You participate in nursing experience all day long at our hospital in 2020, and do you not think about the future seriously?

Charge: Yamashita, Otsu

"Daily nursing experience" is one of the plans of "Kanagawa nursing Festival" of Kanagawa nursing society. To citizen of the prefecture which have all of you raise interest in health and nursing, and will want to be nursing job in the future again for the purpose of being a chance prefectural; inner; carry out in each medical facility.

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