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Civic lecture held "pain and forgetfulness of knee"!

Last update date August 7, 2019

Civic lecture of this year second,
With criteria of cause and prophylaxis, therapeutic method and operation of hard knee ache by Mayor of Satoru Saito line Hospital,
We provided the latest treatment from difference between forgetfulness and dementia by Haruhiko Akiyama, manager of clinical Research Department, history of dementia study and were stories such as relation with dementia.

Lecture of two people of last year was popularity as we presented again, but we updated in the latest information this year and it became more plain in detail and was very popular!
We appreciate your moving to 466 citizen's everybodies!

State of lecture

On the next time, it is "... 119th and early treatment ... on Saturday, October 19 if we suffer from stroke".
Venue is familiar Kannnai Hall (the outside site). We would appreciate your moving to many everybodies by all means!
Reference give way to venue the link mentioned above.

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