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We held rehabilitation exchange meeting!

It is place of exchange that is very valuable for specialist playing an active part in area with our hospital staff

Last update date July 10, 2019

We introduce "rehabilitation exchange meeting" where we entered into this time in the ninth year in this year from situation of plan administration. In this meeting, we hold lecture and 3-4 times a year of study sessions mainly as place that the staff and the rehabilitation staff of our hospital engaged in visit rehabilitation in the southern part of Yokohama-shi learn together.
If we think…"There should be place that can interchange with the rehabilitation staff more of hospital…It is opportunity that nurse of our hospital heard a word that is engaged in visit rehabilitation in "and local liaison meeting, and muttered, and this fair that started in 2011 evolves to great fair that scale increases twice as much about five now, and is placed as main business of area inclusion care system support of our hospital (kyo).
Rehabilitation department in charge of plan works together with regional alliances synthesis counselor's office in charge of business formalities and is considering seriously now at monthly administration meeting.
Rehabilitation exchange meeting this year aims at fair that can get hint that everybody who participated in annual theme can make use of "we learn across frame of the type of job, the workplace mutually" in duties from the day.

Rehabilitation exchange meeting executive committee

Well, the 34th rehabilitation exchange meeting that was the first time this year on Tuesday, July 2 was held.
We always performed by two copies of constitution of lecture and group work under the theme of "dementia" that there were many requests this time. There was participation of 51 98 people in total from 47 people, the hospital from the outside and it was prosperous very much and was able to finish (tears).
Part 1 performed lecture about "early detection and correspondence of dementia" than Haruhiko Akiyama doctor in charge of general diagnosis of dementia in forgetfulness outpatient department of our hospital. We felt need to always update information and system new some other time when we heard diagnosis, treatment, a series of stories until correspondence from pathology of dementia (this does not go! But, it was honest impression…).

Dr. Akiyama giving a lecture on dementia

Part 2 exchanged opinions through simulation example called "time when dementia was doubted by caregiver" in group which neither the type of job nor the years of experience mattered in participants of area and our hospital, and did shafuru.

We did not give one answer, and veteran was frank lively, and there was group which continued hot even if over, and, with style to have opinion and question from each position speak freely, impression that it was time significant at all had a lot the end time from new face.

We plan on Tuesday, September 10 in the 35th on the next time. We push forward preparations zealously while touching walk cars equipped with much-talked-about nursing care bed and mat, robot technology under the theme of "experience of the welfare tool which conjugates at home" directly when there is in area and study bito place of exchange of both house staffs (nen). Don't miss it!

I which loves rehabilitation part exchange meeting to rehearse

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