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Civic lecture held "treatment that pain stroke of waist did not cut"!

Last update date June 27, 2019

Civic lecture of Reiwa beginning,
As for the sick experiences that are different if we think to be low back pain that type and prophylaxis, cure, teacher of hard low back pain by Masaru Yamada Takashi (ivy) manager of the backbone spinal cord Surgery have actually examined,
As for type and the latest treatment circumstances of stroke by Yasunobu Nakai (Yasunobu) of Manager of treatment center in blood vessel which we established this year manager, the experiences of treatment in Vietnam,
Two were a certain humor lecture.

After two doctors taking up their new post this year, and conveying enthusiasm of spokesperson to have liked the first civic lecture to two by all means in the case of meeting just before arrival at post this year, we had you willingly consent, and this plan started.
On the day we seemed to remake slide material to reflect from the beginning for this time, but were popular as both materials and explanation were plain in venue!
Unfortunate rain which rain-threatening, is considerably heavy at one time fell, but appreciates your going to citizen's 355 people on that day!

State of lecture

On the next time, it is "pain and forgetfulness of knee" on Saturday, July 20.
Venue is Yokohama-shi south public hall (the outside site) as well as this citizen lecture. We would appreciate your moving to citizen's everybody by all means!
Reference give way to venue the link mentioned above.

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