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We lectured in nursing school!

Last update date September 9, 2019

All of you hello. It is Otsu of eating, dysphagia nursing authorization nurse. We lectured toward association of Yokohama-shi Hospital nursing school second graders on September 5 and 6. Title was "support to person of necessary home care of home health care theory II- mouth care".
In addition to lecture, we performed experiences to do mouth care while the oral cavity prevented aspiration as practice on experience, bed which performed mouth care by experience, assistance of polluted patient (receive) on that day. In addition, we thought about problem and invention to continue at home mouth care.
We lecture in order to tell knowledge, technique that many nurses are expert to nursing student in our hospital Nursing Department. We have such an opportunity and are very thankful for being able to be concerned with future nurse upbringing. As lecturer, we will do our best as well as knowledge, technique from now on so that it is told until disposition as nurse!

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