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Last update date June 1, 2020

The Yokohama City Univ. Hospital medical care charter

We will promote next five items so that citizen's all of you that hospital is used can receive high quality health care service safely in peace.

  1. In deference to voice of patient, we will offer health care service based on mutual relationships of mutual trust.
  2. We will respect right that patient knows.
  3. We perform informed consent (agreement based on explanation and understanding, choice of patient) precisely and will respect self-decision right of patient.
  4. We will respect privacy of patient.
  5. About medical care, we have high outlook on ethic, enough knowledge, certain technique and will act for further study.

(January 27, 2000 establishment)

It is the appearance of hospital
The appearance of hospital


With relief, security, faithfulness that we can understand, we aim at high specialized medical care.

Basic policy

  1. We work on team medical care in deference to human rights of patient.
  2. We work on high quality advanced medical care.
  3. We work on consistent treatment and rehabilitation from the immediate nature period to convalescence.
  4. We work on cooperation with local health, medical institution and civic health promotion positively.
  5. We work on healthy hospital administration.

Right of patient

  1. We can receive high quality medical care equally.
  2. Human rights as individual are respected.
  3. Personal information and privacy are protected.
  4. We can know your medical treatment information.
  5. About symptom, diagnosis, cure, future prospect, we can receive explanation by plain words.
  6. We choose inspection, cure for own intention after having received enough explanation or can refuse that.
  7. About diagnosis and treatment, we can hear opinion of other doctors.

Duty of patient

  1. We follow rule of hospital, and medical care of other patients has duty to consider so that there is not with trouble.
  2. We provide information about your health exactly to ensure the medical security, and to raise curative effect and have duty to cooperate with medical treatment.
  3. About expense required for medical treatment, we can receive explanation and have duty to pay medical expenses appropriately.
    (April 1, 2014 revision)

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