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The stroke, nerve backbone center to understand in around three minutes

Last update date August 3, 2020

Our hospital opened a Diet session as special hospital of stroke and neurologic disease in 1999. Afterwards, we established the backbone spinal cord disease center and knee joint disease center specialized in treatment of waist and knee in order to cope in the aging times, and it was in the current medical treatment system.

Treatment of stroke

As for symptom, stroke…

If symptoms such as dizziness not to be able to speak well that ability that only half of face falls to suddenly does not rise, intense headache appear, we are suspected to have stroke.
When it continues to see light headache and thing double routinely, stroke is possible.

There is such a cure.

Cerebral infarction develops as blood vessel is clogged up. We can treat by treatment in blood vessel taking clot from blood vessel with pipe called t-PA therapy and catheter to dissolve lump (clot) of blood which is cause of clogging of blood vessel in.
Cerebral hemorrhage and subarachnoid hemorrhage develop as lump formed on blood vessel and blood vessel ruptures. We provide treatment by medical therapy and operation with medicine lowering styptic and blood pressure.
There is treatment to remove cause of stroke recently before suffering from stroke. There are clipping operations to prevent catching the origin of coil embolus and lump filling lump of blood vessel with metal threads as measures of subarachnoid hemorrhage with high death rate in particular, and blood from drifting.

It supports overall stroke treatment 24 hours a day, every day!

We choose therapeutic method suitable for patient each one without cranial nerve Internal medicine, neurosurgery, treatment department in cranial nerve blood vessel, treatment center in blood vessel cooperating at our hospital, and asking Medical consultation fee.

As for the person wanting to know stroke in detail, what is stroke? Please see (link in site).

Treatment of neurologic disease

About dizziness medical treatment

Do you not have trouble with symptom of dizziness of feeling to turn around of eyes and feeling up in the air light round and round? Cause of dizzinessBenign paroxysmal head rankThings due to dizziness symptom and stroke vary (they let you want Ryo result and mind). Japan feels dizzy at our hospitalEquilibriumDoctor of medical society dizziness consultation medicine plays a key role (let's go) and tries for accurate diagnosis and appropriate treatment using special equipment.

Person wanting to know dizziness medical treatment in detail look at (link in site) about dizziness medical treatment.

Nerve incurable disease and the treatment

Treatment is difficult among other things, and, with nerve incurable disease , radical cure says difficult thing in disease that body function decreases by abnormality such as brain, spinal cord, peripheral nerve.
Designated incurable disease catching designation by the incurable disease method can catch the medical expenses furtherance by characteristic and disease severity of illness. To representative thing Parkinson's diseaseSpinocerebellar degeneration(sekizuishonouhenseisho), ALS (Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis(kinishukuseisokusakukoukasho) there is).
At our hospital appointed in Kanagawa incurable disease medical care support hospital, we add to diagnosis and treatment of incurable disease and perform acceptance of patients such as in at-home support, emergency such as stomach rou exchange or artificial respiration management.

As for the person wanting to know nerve incurable disease in detail, please see (link in site) about nerve incurable disease .

Treatment of pain of knee

We are so much. Person who has a pain in knee

Person with transformation of knee is said to need 25 million in the whole country, and 8 million people report pain. Walk difficulty due to diseases of knee is big factor of local people motive syndrome.
Early detection of disease of knee and appropriate treatment are necessary to increase healthy life expectancy.
※We point to state that function such as standing with local people motive syndrome, and walking, and sitting down decreased.

There is such a cure.

When transformation of knee is light, we can suppress pain by oral medicine such as pain-killers. In addition, pain may soften by periodical hyaluronic acid injection.
Even if symptom gets worse; "Artificial joint substituted operationWe can receive (jinkoukansetsuchikanjutsu). As for all substitution to change all, a little less than 100,000 operations are carried out in Japan in year. Prosthetic types increased, and joint which was good for each one became able to make recently. In addition, bent inside of knee, and matched with symptom including joint which did not finish growing; "Skill in high rank tibia osteotomyWe perform operation to keep knee called (kouikeikotsukotsukirijutsu).

As for the person wanting to know knee disease of joint in detail, please see knee joint disease center (link in site).

Treatment of pain of low back pain, neck

Cause of low back pain?

Cause of low back pain varies, and, actually, unidentified low back pain accounts for about 80%. Much low back pain is cured by rest and medication, but there is low back pain that you must not leave.
Spinal column sedge stenosisWay of nerve called a certain vertebral canal becomes small by denaturation in the backbone, and (sekichukankyosakusho) is disease that nerve is pressed. In many cases, it is asymptomatic, and numbness and pain develop if we keep still when we stand and continue posture and walk, and state becoming comfortable a little is repeated when we take a rest.
"All too soon with bone fracture"Osteoporotic vertebral body bone fractureWe point to (kotsusoshoshoseitsuitaikossetsu). When we thinned back with old person when it became in a half sitting, it is to watch out when strong low back pain appears when we fell on our backside lightly.

There is such a cure.

By medicine and block injection, we suppress inflammation of nerve and control pain transmission material, and there are various types in weight pain.
There are skill in correction fixation, skill to straighten the bent backbone using skill, metal to decompress which sharpen perineural denatured hard organization by operation, and reduce pressure to nerve in balloon formation to put cement in the part destroyed by bone fracture associated with osteoporosis.

There is inspection equipment with a little exposure dose.

With few radiation doses, we can grasp state of back in detail with standing with sterEOS imaging system. We do not spread seven in Japan and are only our hospital in Kanagawa. (as of June, 2020)

As for the low back pain, neck wanting to know treatment of pain in detail, please see the backbone spinal cord Surgery, the backbone spinal cord disease center (link in site).


What kind of goal do you set?

As for the disease of patient, stroke, Orthopaedic surgery disease, neurologic disease vary. It is different individually what kind of life you want to live. The staff cooperates with experienced Rehabilitation specialist at our hospital and works on rehabilitation plan for precise goal.

Convalescence rehabilitation ward

We perform acceptance to rehabilitation ward positively for convalescence of treated at other hospitals for operation and the immediate nature period. Professional staff supports patient 365 days.
About changing hospital, tell hospitalized hospital about examining our hospital now. Doctor and medical social-worker will examine changing hospital.

Rehabilitation early from bedside

We carry out rehabilitation at the shortest to emergency conveyed patient for strokes from the day.

As for the person wanting to know rehabilitation in detail, please see introduction (link in site) of rehabilitation ward for Rehabilitation (link in site), rehabilitation region (link in site), convalescence.

Person who is anxious about dementia, forgetfulness

Do you have such a symptom?

  • We completely forget event that there was recently
  • It increased we lost thing, and to leave
  • We came to be angry in trifles.

Dementia is disease that nerve cells decrease, and brain withers. We receive diagnosis at early stage, and it is important to start treatment.

Person who wants to receive specialized outpatient of forgetfulness

"Forgetfulness" enforces specialized outpatient for suspected due to dementia on every Monday.
First visit (Shoshin) inspects brain imaging and blood, psychology after polite medical treatment of about 30 minutes and sends diagnosis result to family medicine.
Hope of consultation apply for telephone again from our hospital window because it needs reservations.

As for the person wanting to know dementia, forgetfulness in detail, please see forgetfulness outpatient (link in site).

Introduction of brochure

We distribute the brochure and spread of our hospitals enlightenment leaflet that settled characteristic introducing in this page at events of the hospital and our hospital.

Person with interest would appreciate for hand by all means.

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