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New adopter education

Last update date January 7, 2019

Basic viewpoint

  1. We support the workplace adaptation of new face and plan conduct of the training to raise ability for clinical practice and upbringing in department.
  2. We build system raising new face in the whole Nursing Department to realize nursing that was perfect by security.

Pre-Scepter ship

  1. New face education in department performs support with pre-Scepter.
  2. We make "common technical check list" to learn basic nursing technique and are reliable as we confirm the acquisition situation for each technique with pre-Scepter.
  3. We support growth of new face nurse in the whole ward and hospital.

Occasional adopter

People employed halfway perform orientation and perform support with pre-Scepter and cope not to make any anxiety.
In addition, we support to be able to plan improvement of career including participation in training by stage of CDP.

The training scenery

New adoption annual schedule

Annual schedule of new adoption

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Telephone: 045-753-2500 (main)

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